Robnett's Real Estate Rundown

Real estate is a complex industry that offers almost anything to anyone. It provides opportunities for those interested in active investing, passive sources of income, and careers as realtors or insurance agents. But many steer clear of it because of two major factors: lack of proper education and inclusivity. Shannon Robnett is on a mission to change this perspective. He inspires people to step up to the challenge in his podcast, Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down.

The show provides something for everyone in the real estate industry. Shannon presents actionable advice on wholesaling, fix and flips, single-family, multi-family, and more. Hear real people talk about all facets of the market, including analysis, challenges, management, and successes of investment-grade. Every conversation provides the foundation for a thriving career.

The podcast is full of useful information for veteran real estate professionals as well as anyone looking to enter into real estate. Learn newfound strategies to improve your tactics, keep up with market trends, and generate fresh ideas for rebranding.

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