Robnett's Real Estate Rundown

Real estate is a complex industry that offers almost anything to anyone. It provides opportunities for those interested in active investing, passive sources of income, and careers as realtors or insurance agents. But many steer clear of it because of two major factors: lack of proper education and inclusivity. Shannon Robnett is on a mission to change this perspective. He inspires people to step up to the challenge in his podcast, Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down.

The show provides something for everyone in the real estate industry. Shannon presents actionable advice on wholesaling, fix and flips, single-family, multi-family, and more. Hear real people talk about all facets of the market, including analysis, challenges, management, and successes of investment-grade. Every conversation provides the foundation for a thriving career.

The podcast is full of useful information for veteran real estate professionals as well as anyone looking to enter into real estate. Learn newfound strategies to improve your tactics, keep up with market trends, and generate fresh ideas for rebranding.

Want to join Shannon on the podcast? Or invite Shannon to be a guest on your podcast?

Apartment Syndication 101 with Lee Yoder

If you have financial freedom, it is possible to live the life you want, pursue your passions, and spend more time with your loved ones. Lee Yoder, a physical therapist, business owner, and realtor, will discuss how having the appropriate mindset, acting on what you believe, and not being afraid to start helped him achieve his sustainable income flow through apartment syndication in this episode.

Erik Oliver: How Cost Segregation Can Reduce Taxes

In this episode, cost segregation specialist Erik Oliver will explain how the method can improve cash flow, enable realtors to take advantage of accelerated depreciation discounts, and more. You’ll be able to save millions of dollars in taxes.

Tim Hubbard: Build Wealth from Short-Term Rentals

Are you looking for a rental property business? Do you want to start one? Tim Hubbard is an international real estate investor, world traveler, and self-proclaimed digital nomad. He also owns and operates a multi-million dollar short-term rental business.

David Kafka: Investing in Belize

Are you planning to increase your cash flow and invest in real estate? As the founder and director of Caribbean Capital Group LLC, David Kafka oversees acquisitions, investment strategies, and business development.

Whitney Sewell: Scaling Your Network Of Investors

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Neil Wahlgren: Single Tenant Risk Vs. Demographic Market Risk

What is the “Bank on Yourself” concept and how does it help real estate investors? In this episode, Sarry Ibrahim and I talk about how he helps high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners, and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely, as well as how to become your own source of financing! Sarry […]