Robnett's Real Estate Rundown

Real estate is a complex industry that offers almost anything to anyone. It provides opportunities for those interested in active investing, passive sources of income, and careers as realtors or insurance agents. But many steer clear of it because of two major factors: lack of proper education and inclusivity. Shannon Robnett is on a mission to change this perspective. He inspires people to step up to the challenge in his podcast, Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down.

The show provides something for everyone in the real estate industry. Shannon presents actionable advice on wholesaling, fix and flips, single-family, multi-family, and more. Hear real people talk about all facets of the market, including analysis, challenges, management, and successes of investment-grade. Every conversation provides the foundation for a thriving career.

The podcast is full of useful information for veteran real estate professionals as well as anyone looking to enter into real estate. Learn newfound strategies to improve your tactics, keep up with market trends, and generate fresh ideas for rebranding.

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Locating Tax-advantaged, Passive Cash-Flow Investments with John Michailidis

John Michailidis, MSIRE, JD, is an attorney and entrepreneur with degrees in economics, international real estate, and law. In this episode, we’re going over how to locate tax-advantaged, passive cash-flow investments.

Tax Increment Financing-TIF 101 with Xiao Ou Yuan

Xiao Ou Yuan is the Managing Director of Hageman Capital, and manages the day-to-day operations, as well as leading all bond structuring and negotiations for the Hageman Capital portfolio. In today’s episode, Xiao will break down what Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is, and how it can help both developers and municipalities.

Syndication 101 – Advice for Rookies with Gene Trowbridge

As a founding partner of Trowbridge Law Group LLP, Gene’s law practice concentrates on the syndication of commercial and investment real estate, through both debt and equity. Gene has represented over 650 clients in this area of practice. In today’s episode, Gene is going to go over the basics of syndication, and his advice on how (and if) you should get involved with it.

Why Multifamily Housing is a Safe Investment with Ken Gee

Kenneth Gee is the founder and managing partner of KRI Partners and the KRI group of companies. He has more than 24 years of significant real estate, banking, private equity transaction, and principal investing experience. In this episode, we are going to talk about why Ken invests in Multifamily housing, how recessions hurt middle-class and low-income people, and how he’s making the best of today’s investing environment.

Gaining Financial Literacy and the Stability of Real Estate with Matthew Ablakan

Matthew is the Founder & Owner of the Millennial’s Choice Group of Companies; a Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance and Education brand. To better benefit his clients, Matthew has earned numerous degrees including, a Bachelors in Education, an Honorary Degree in Law & Society, a Real Estate Brokers License, a Mortgage Brokers License, & a Life Insurance Agent License. In this episode we discuss the importance of financial education and literacy and how they were factors in his success.

Medium-Term Rentals for Financial Independence with Zeona McIntyre

Zeona McIntyre, author of Medium-Term Rentals, has been an Airbnb host since 2012. In this episode, we will discuss strategies to achieve Financial Independence through Real estate investing: Airbnb, House-Hacking, and Short and Medium-term rentals.