Smart Investing SECRETS REVEALED in Today’s Market with Whitney Elkins Hutten

In this episode, we’re thrilled to feature guest Whitney Elkins Hutten, the Director of Investor Education at We will delve into the challenges and solutions of refinancing multifamily buildings, the role preferred equity can play in such scenarios, and the overall current state of the market.

We will also discuss our unique investment approaches and predictions for the future. From expanding into other asset classes to the importance of diversification and resisting shiny object syndrome, our guests provide valuable insights you won’t want to miss. You’ll hear an engaging conversation about the dos and don’ts in the current market environment, with particular focus on smart investment strategies. Plus, with the ongoing housing shortage leading to potential wealth transfer, we’ll talk about capital’s role in filling the housing demand.

Lastly, we will stress the essential know-hows of passive investing and encourage our listeners to educate themselves before taking the leap. Whether you’re already an investor or planning to become one, this episode is filled with the right ingredients to help you navigate the investment landscape.

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