Escape the 9-5: Ryan Weimer’s Entrepreneurial Transformation

In this episode, we’re thrilled to present a remarkable guest, Ryan Weimer, who made a significant shift from a mechanical engineer to an influential figure in the real estate world, and he’s here to share his insights and expertise.

We explore a major mindset shift from focusing on the short-term to thinking in decades — a perspective that has guided Ryan toward long-term success and helped him endure the growing pains of his entrepreneurial venture. We’ll delve into the concept of “paying down ignorance debt,” a term both Ryan and I find crucial in the journey to knowledge and wisdom in entrepreneurship.

Ryan opens up about the strenuous but rewarding path he took, working relentlessly on his business while still being employed full-time, until he finally made the leap after three and a half years. We’ll also discuss the challenges of building and scaling a business, the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, and the importance of having a supportive personal relationship while pursuing ambitious goals.

Ryan now leads a thriving business, Weimer Investments, with 15 employees projected to close around 120 deals this year, from London, England. We’ll talk about his strategies, the immense effort it takes to secure deals in the wholesaling business, and the common misconceptions about entrepreneurship.

So join us for this candid conversation with Ryan Weimer, as we discuss the esoteric to the practical aspects of business-building, the hardships along the way, and the triumph of perseverance and dedication. Prepare to be inspired by a story that underscores resilience, strategic vision, and the power of a supportive partnership. Let’s dive into the journey of a man who embodies what it means to truly play the long game in entrepreneurship.

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