Tim Lyons’ Unfiltered Journey: Firehouse Hero Turned Real Estate Pro

In this episode of Real Estate Rundown, dive into Tim Lyons’ remarkable journey from NYC firefighter to real estate success story. From conquering landlord challenges to entering commercial real estate during a pandemic, Tim shares his path of building confidence, expanding networks, and founding Cityside Capital LLC.

Unlock the keys to Tim’s fundraising triumphs, the critical role of trust in investing, and the importance of diligent sponsor selection. Explore how he navigated obstacles, raised substantial capital, and delved into the legal intricacies of capital raising.

Join us for a deep dive into real estate dynamics, capital raising strategies, and networking insights, covering compliance, regulation, and the pivotal role of investor education. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and life lessons—tune in now and elevate your understanding of the real estate game!

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