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Growing Through The Discomfort Towards A Year Of Quality With Sam Wilson

2021 has been filled with discomfort. But did you know that even in discomfort, you can grow? You can come out stronger than ever and prep for the next year. Listen to self-storage investor and the host of the How to Scale Commercial Real Estate podcast, Sam Wilson, as he shares how his 2021 has been 99.9% discomfort. Join your host Shannon Robbnet as he talks to Sam about how he found growth in these uncomfortable times. Learn why it's okay to rewrite your goals if you don't meet them and how to bring value to your life. Prep for the next year and make it all about quality. Deal with your discomforts today!


Peter Siegel On Jumping Into Real Estate During A Financial And Economic Crisis

When a financial and economic crisis happens, so many factors impact real estate. Unfortunately, most of them are out of your control. Peter Siegel explains how to jump into this industry even in the most challenging times and face the risks in the most strategic ways. He joins Shannon Robbnet to discuss how he got a $140,000 check in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also explains how the 9/11 Tragedy and the 2008 Economic Crisis taught him to prepare for the worst by always providing reliable customer service. Peter delves into the threats of rising inflation, increasing rates, and declining costs to real estate, detailing what must be done to avoid losing so much.

Exponential Gains From RE Agent-Investor Partnerships You Didn’t Know About With Chris Craddock

Investors and agents seem to live and breathe in different worlds in real estate. But did you know that there is so much room for growth when you start focusing on good RE agent-investor partnerships? In this episode, Chris Craddock joins Shannon Robnett to share just how you can make the most of this business relationship. Chris is the Founder/CEO of The Redux Group. Today, he talks about the REI Revive Program and how they’re helping investors create a system, build relationships with their agents, and achieve an optimum win-win scenario. Interested in learning more? Tune in and get insightful real estate and financial advice to supersize your revenue stream.

Matthew Sullivan: Unlocking Home Equity

We welcome the start of a new season in this episode with a look at unlocking home equity. Shannon Robnett and Matthew Sullivan of the Hooked On Startups podcast talk shop and discuss how you can go bout unlocking your home’s trapped value. Listen in as they discuss different ways of using equity and why homeowners today are rich in equity but poor in cash and how to remedy the imbalance. We also hear about Matthew’s current project: using blockchain to fractionalize investments in home equity and how these benefits both homeowner and investor. Tune in for more great real estate investing information from Shannon and Matthew.

Vishnu Chintam: Residential Fix And Flips

Fix and flips are just one part of Vishnu Chintam’s diverse career. He’s been in and out of school. Worked in the film industry and more. Discover how Vishnu stayed on his path to build a successful fix and flip/real estate consulting business despite losing everything at one point. Learn how to accept and learn from your failures. Find that right mindset with your host Shannon Robnett as he brings in the co-owner of Shoreditch Consulting to share his real estate journey. Go from zero to hero today!

Justin Smith: The Timeless Principles Of Real Estate

No matter what happens to the market, there are timeless principles of real estate you can lean into help guide your business decisions. Today’s guest will explain all about that in this episode. Justin Smith is Senior Vice President at Lee & Associates. With 17 years in the industry, Justin’s skills and knowledge are practically incontestable. He now uses his experience and wisdom to help various organizations through the real estate process, especially when dealing with industrial properties. He joins Shannon Robnett to give helpful advice on overcoming adversity when investing in industrial real estate and why there’s no better time than now to do so. He explains why real estate is vital in company growth and emphasizes the importance of market metrics in getting you started on your real estate journey. He also offers insights from his book, Industrial Intelligence: The Executive’s Guide for Making Informed Commercial Real Estate, to provide further tools that you can start using immediately. 

Reed Goossens: Learning To Bet On Yourself

More than anything, starting a business is about betting on yourself. You are betting on your ideas, your skills, and your success. Today’s guest, Reed Goossens, knows all about betting on oneself as an Australian who moved to New York City, starting a real estate career from scratch—no network and no funds. Reed joins host Shannon Robnett to discuss how he built a thriving business ecosystem, made money in titling land, and developed an A-Team that is helping others on their journey to success. As an engineer, he also shares how he used his degree and experience to supplement his real estate venture and gives advice for aspiring business owners and dreamers out there on how to take life one step at a time. Tune in for more motivational insight as well as practical business advice on this episode!

Greg Junge: Real Estate Investing - Niches And Strategies

How do you effectively use niches and strategies to achieve your real estate investing goals? The first step is to create great habits for personal development. Shannon Robnett introduces Greg Junge of Seven Figure Capital. In this episode, Greg discusses with Shannon three highly essential topics for success: personal development and mindset, real estate investing niches and strategies, and healthy habits. If you want to nail down success by becoming the very best version of yourself, this episode’s for you. You wouldn’t want to miss out on Greg’s nuggets of wisdom and experience. Tune in!

Ross Yeager: How To Build Your Real Estate Team Remotely

Explore the opportunities in real estate beyond your comfort zone! In this episode, Shannon Robnett has Ross Yeager to talk about how Ross wholesale two deals this year through Facebook Messenger, how he has bought all his properties without even seeing them first, and how he built his team remotely. Ross is a software engineering director at a billion-dollar startup in Silicon Valley, who has turned to real estate to grow his wealth and continue financial freedom. He discusses out-of-state real estate investing and the different ways to finance a property investment and dives deep into why relationships are key, helping you build more meaningful and authentic connections. If you are looking to learn more about investing out of state and building your network and your team remotely, Ross has all the information you need to get there. You're going to want to tune in and hear what he says in this episode.

Education And Mindset: Tools To Change Your Life With Edwin Ballard Jr.

Life can take you down many different paths. If you want to change your path and walk a different, brighter one, then you need education and mindset. Join our host, Shannon Robnett, as he sits down and interviews real estate agent and social change agent, Edwin Ballard Jr. Here, Edwin talks about personal improvement and transformations. He remembers his rocky childhood and young adulthood and thinks about the day he decided to turn his life around. Tune in for an inspiring story for everyone.



Shannon Robnett Industries’ Blog About Business

Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) doesn’t just have a personal and financial stake in syndicating real estate deals in Boise, Idaho.  Shannon Robnett is building the future of his home town and investing in his back yard.  Because as you know Real estate success is only one sign of economic health, so the healthier businesses are overall, the more robust the economy is overall, improving the odds we have for success in real estate. It is one big cycle.
This is why SRI takes the time to maintain a blog about business. Our entries discuss some strategies we and our clients can employ to keep Boise’s economy--and our businesses--as strong as possible.

MoneyShow Virtual Expo: The Boise Growth Fund

Did you miss Shannon's MoneyShow Presentation?  Don't worry, we've got you covered!

In case you were not able to make it, below is the recorded version.

Shannon shared insider tools and tactics that have proven themselves to be an effective and profitable year in and year out. He also shares about the solution he is creating to allow investors the opportunity to quickly create passive income regularly without the headache or stress.

Tune in and find out how his solution can work for you.

Equity Multiple VS Internal Rate of Return

 In syndication deals, sponsors have metrics. This confuses the potential investors as it is hard to comprehend what every one of the numbers means and how it identifies with their investment strategy. 

Two often used metrics to measure potential returns are equity multiple (EM) and internal rate of return (IRR).  Investors use IRR to compare several deals and would pick the one with higher IRR.  However, this is not always true.

Equity Multiple

Equity multiple estimates the total returns from an investment. including cash flows from distributions, the initial investment (principle) and also any gains from appreciation of the property.  It is the ratio of this total over the original investment.  However, notice that there is no consideration for the element of time.  So a deal with an equity multiple of two only tells the investor that the sponsors have projected a “doubling” of the investor’s money.  However, over what period of time?

Here’s the formula for calculating an equity multiple:

Equity Multiple = Total Distributions / Total Equity Invested (principle)

Example 1:

An investor invested $1,000,000 in a deal.  The sponsor has distributed annual returns of $200,000 to the investor over a 5 year period.

$200,000 x 5 years + $1 million investment / $1 million total equity invested = 2.0x

In this example, an investor receives an equity multiple of 2.0.  In other words, for every $1 invested in the property the investor gets back $2. (An equity multiple greater than 1.0 means you receive more cash back than invested, while an equity multiple below 1.0 means less money is returned than what was originally invested.)

Example 2:

An investor invested $1,000,000 in a deal.  The sponsor has distributed annual returns of $100,000 to the investor over a 10 year period.

$100,000 x 10 years + $1 million investment / $1 million total equity invested = 2.0x

The equity multiple for both of the above examples is 2x, however as you can clearly see the hold period for example 2 is twice that of example one.   So an investor should not compare two different deals just based on equity multiples as two deals with the same equity multiple can have very different hold periods.  This is where the use of IRR becomes important.

Internal Rate of Return

The IRR calculation considers the time value of money (TVM) while the equity multiple calculation doesn’t. However, equity multiple reports the total cash return of an investment while the internal rate of return measures average cash return over a hold period, taking into consideration that the value of money depreciates over time.

A property with a high IRR may return more money to investors faster, but not necessarily more money overall. Here is an example:

In the above example the initial investment by the investor was $200,000. The total returns are $300,000 (including the initial investment of $200,000). The IRR for this deal is 18% and the equity multiple is 1.5x

Notice that the sponsor returned $100,000 back as distributions in year one which makes the IRR inflated.

In this second example we use the same initial investment of $200,000. However the distribution improves over time.  Notice that because in the IRR calculations the money earned today is weighted more than money earned tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the IRR for this particular deal is 11%.  However, the equity multiple for this deal still remains at 1.5x because the total returns haven’t changed between the two deals. So, IRR can be manipulated by timing the cash flows 

Based on the examples given, investment decisions should be based not only on one metric but all.

Check out our real estate deals to invest on as a passive partner.

Real Estate Development | Multifamily Construction and Syndication


In this video, Shannon Robnett talks about his 40 years of experience as a builder, developer, realtor, and multifamily syndicator.

Aaron is a private money lender and real estate agent in Austin, Texas who helps real estate investors, builders, and developers leverage their money to get higher returns on their deals. 

He also help buyers buy homes in the Austin area. He post videos relating to the following topics: 

• Real estate investment 

• New construction • Spec homes 

• Fix/flips 

• Finance 

Connect with Aaron Trevino:

Facebook Group




Boise Ground Up Construction Multifamily Investor Returns with Shannon Robnett

"They realize that they don’t want to hold that for five to seven years, because it marginally improves from there. But the main value like you said before we started the show, the original value add was the ground up development, putting the sticks and stones together, creating the value by putting the tenant in and creating that cash flow. And liquidating at that point as soon as you can, because the sooner you can get your your 25% return, the better that looks because if it takes you eight months to do it, versus 12 months to do it versus 16 months to do it, you’re still getting a 25% return but your IRR or your return for the year is substantially affected by the duration of time." - Shannon Robnett

Click & Listen: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/commercialrealestatepronetwork/Boise_Ground_Up_Construction_Multifamily_Investor_Returns_with_Shannon_Robnett_-_CRE_PN_291.mp3?stats-code=Boise Ground Up Construction Multifami


APT Capital Group - Ground Up Development with Shannon Robnett


Few deals can promise the high returns that you can get from ground-up development. Today we bring in ground-up expert Shannon Robnett to discuss this asset class. With 40 years in real estate and having completed over 200 million dollars in construction projects, we open our conversation with Shannon by touching on his career highlights. After sharing why ground ups can be such valuable investments, Shannon dispels the myth that ground ups are always risky, especially when compared with multi-family risks. We chat about how having a reputable and experienced team mitigates most ground-up risks before diving into common challenges that ground ups. Reflecting on how the pandemic has led to huge population shifts, we talk about why now is one of the best times to get into ground-up. Near the end of the episode, Shannon gives listeners his insights into how he picks his projects, the importance of understanding your market, what real estate tool he can’t live without, and the main takeaways from his biggest real estate mistake. Tune in to learn more about lucrative ground-up investing.

Key Points From This Episode:
Introducing seasoned investor and ground-up expert, Shannon Robnett.
Shannon shares details about his extensive real estate experience.
Comparing the multi-family risks versus ground-up risks.
What makes ground up such an excellent asset class. How you can reduce risk when making ground-up investments.
Why now is a better time than ever to get into ground-up investing.
Exploring the challenges that many ground-ups face. How ground-up beginners often make mistakes with their timeline.
The importance of knowing your market when making deals.
Hear Shannon’s advice on getting into ground-up. Insights into how Shannon picks his market and develops different asset classes.
How Shannon grows his business by picking the best possible people for the job.
The top real estate tool that Shannon can’t live without.
Shannon shares the main takeaways from his biggest investing mistake.

For today’s show notes, including audio and links to all the resources mentioned, visit www.aptcapitalgroup.com/podcasts.
To get access to our free Passive Investors Guide and monthly newsletters sign up at www.aptcapitalgroup.com.
To find out more about partnering or investing in a multifamily deal email info@aptcapitalgroup.com.

5 Talents Podcast - $200M in Construction Projects; How to Get Started with Real Estate Syndication


Real estate runs in Shannon Robnett’s blood. He belongs in a family involved in real estate--5 generations now--and continues to pay it forward in the last 40 years, focusing on the multifamily and industrial spaces as a developer. 

His decade’s worth of experience in real estate led him to participate in over $200 million in construction projects including fire and police stations, schools, and industrial and mini storages. He didn’t do all this by himself, and that’s what he’s going to talk about today. 

Let's listen to Shannon to know how to get started in real estate syndication! 

[00:01 - 06:14] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Shannon Robnett
    • 5 generations in the real estate 
  • College is an option, not a be-all, and end-all
[06:15 - 17:06] The Ultimate Value-Add 
  • We talk about the “ultimate value-add” in real estate 
  • What you should do if you want to bring a value-add
  • Shannon wants you to remember this real estate advice 
[17:07 - 30:23] A Community of Multifamily Syndicators 
  • Shannon talks about his approach in real estate 
  • He gives interesting insights about real estate partnerships 
    • Don’t focus on everything
  • Shannon’s tips to start investing in real estate 
[30:24 - 40:44] Success in Real Estate
  • The belief that you can succeed in real estate
  • Connect with Shannon! Links below
  • Shannon shares 2 books you should read!
[40:45 - 44:35] Closing Segment
  • Final words from Shanon and me

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