About Shannon Robnett Industries

For more than 30 years, Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) has built a strong reputation as a leading commercial real estate investment group by investing in multi-family properties in the Treasure Valley. Our family of subsidiaries, including My Vertical EquityPhoenix Commercial Construction, and Executive Management Services (EMS) Property Management, has grown to become a substantial earner in multi-family real estate syndication, investing in and around Boise, Idaho.

We assemble passive investors through our syndication to purchase land that we develop–through our subsidiaries –from the ground up. We maintain these properties before selling, typically achieving above market  returns. Our investments consistently generate higher rates of return in less time than other types of property investment groups, through our proven model.  This results in considerable passive income streams for our syndicate partners.

Why Invest in Real Estate Syndication with SRI?

Shannon Robnett Industries is composed of experts who:

– Know how and when to develop commercial investment property – eliminating the need to pay retail.
– Have resources for cost-effective land development and construction
– Have experience in lease up and stabilized property management.
– Know how and when to sell investment property, resulting in the highest possible rate of return.

We know real estate development inside and out so you don’t have to. We are always excited to work with investors who share our passion for this industry, but we also are prepared to take on the responsibility of our clients’ investments–to grow them into something they could not have grown by themselves. We enjoy being the factor that takes investing to the next level for all of our partners.

What Are Our Values?

As a financial services company, we obviously care about money. However, more importantly, we recognize that it is your money we are handling, and we don’t believe in investing without a conscience. Our company is built on a core set of values which enhances our financial stability and yours.


Real estate investment involves an astonishing amount of local, state, and federal regulation. With strict attention to detail and an honest approach to business, SRI complies with these regulations and brings peace of mind to investors.


Making wise investments is a weighty job, especially if you’re working on unfamiliar ground. SRI welcomes some of that burden because of our deeply seated passion for this industry. We like working on this ground, in part because we’ve had such success navigating it for so many years. We enjoy sharing the benefits of this passion with our clientele.


SRI takes the initiative to perform at the highest level as we help you achieve your financial goals. We do this by implementing the very best investment strategies on your behalf through innovation, teamwork, and entrepreneurial spirit. We don’t do anything halfway. We do it honestly and exceptionally, or we don’t offer to do it at all.


A founder with over 25 years of personal and hands on development and construction experience. Combine that with a hand picked staff to create a second to none investor experience.

The Treasure Valley is growing quickly.

If you’re ready to move your assets toward higher return projects in less time with expert guidance, contact Shannon Robnett Industries today. Email [email protected] to start a partnership that will bring your financial goals within reach.