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About Shannon Robnett Industries

With 27 years of experience, Shannon Robnett has been a leading real estate developer and syndicator in Boise, Idaho. But it goes deeper than that, in fact, with 5 generations of real estate professionals it truly is in our blood. We specialize in the acquisition of development land, and entitling it. Once ready for construction we involve our syndication partners in the actual real estate. As the vision led parent company of our three subsidiaries (My Vertical Equity, Phoenix Commercial Construction, and EMS Property Management) this allows us to streamline the development process, maximizing returns for our investors.

We invest with integrity, passion, and excellence to bring wealth and economic freedom to our clientele. Contact us to see how our experts can help you achieve your financial goals.

The experts at our subsidiaries act in the following areas

Logo of a Shannon Robnett subsidiary, "SRI" for Real Estate Investment

Unlocking Commercial Investment Opportunities

Vertical Equity is the subsidiary SRI uses to raise monies, manage investors and payout dividends as related to the purchase and sale of our investment properties.

Logo of Shannon Robnett's commercial builder for Real Estate Investment

Constructing Commercial Real Estate

Phoenix Commercial Construction is the licensed real estate development firm owned by SRI that we utilize as commercial builders.

Using A Professional Property Management Company

EMS Property Management is the property management company that SRI operates to manage our commercial rental property.

Shannon’s Process


Learn how to partner with industry veterans to passively invest in high yield opportunities to create more freedom.


Let’s connect to align your personal financial goals with passive investment opportunities that serve you long-term vision.


Understanding and aligning your investment needs with opportunities to strategically achieve your financial goals.


Identify and implement your personal investment strategy to maximize your investment experience.


Expand your portfolio through optimization strategies to continue compounding your results.

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Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down

Real estate is a complex industry that offers almost anything to anyone. It provides opportunities for those interested in active investing, passive sources of income, and careers as realtors or insurance agents. But many steer clear of it because of two major factors: lack of proper education and inclusivity. Shannon Robnett is on a mission to change this perspective. He inspires people to step up to the challenge in his podcast, Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down.

The Treasure Valley is growing quickly.

Opportunities for ground up real estate development are abundant, and Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) is especially poised to help you become a part of a real estate syndication that can diversify and improve your gains with thoughtful tax sheltered solutions that create real estate income. When you’re ready for our experts to help you take control contact us!