Unstoppable Rise: Agostino’s Secrets to His 1600 Unit Empire!

In this episode of Real Estate Rundown podcast, where Agostino Pintus uncovers essential truths in the world of finance and investments. Agostino unveils the harsh reality of earning through a job – the hidden costs, time sacrifice, and tax burdens. He shares his inspiring journey to building a real estate empire, going from zero to an impressive 1600 units. Discover the importance of patient money and the benefits of real estate as an asset class that pays consistent returns. Join the conversation as Agostino unveils the pitfalls of corporate climbing and his quest for financial freedom. 

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The Harsh Reality of Having a Job

In this podcast, Agostino Pintus sheds light on a crucial concept often overlooked: the true cost of earning money through a job. He emphasizes that a job is the most expensive way to earn money because it demands one’s time, the most valuable resource. By exchanging their life force for printed currency, individuals unknowingly sacrifice their limited time. Furthermore, the government’s taxation system adds to the burden, with income tax and sales taxes eating away a significant portion of one’s earnings. 

How He Built His Real Estate Empire!

In this podcast episode, Agostino Pintus shares his incredible journey. He immersed himself in books and programs, including Carlton Sheets, utilizing those strategies to successfully acquire a 200-unit building. Undeterred, he continued expanding his portfolio from zero to an impressive 1600 units in and around Cleveland, focusing on B and C type assets. Agostino’s current emphasis lies in ground-up development and adaptive reuse, particularly in urban infill projects. His aim is to position properties in high-traffic areas with thriving economies, as where there’s traffic, there’s money and opportunities for transactions. 

Building Wealth in Real Estate Takes TIME!

In this podcast, Agostino Pintus shares insights on the importance of patient money in business. He highlights that expecting immediate returns on investment is unrealistic, except for the cash in one’s pocket. That money can provide instant returns but is limited. Agostino learned from past experiences and avoided market restrictions, ensuring he doesn’t repeat costly mistakes. By exercising patience, he has found ways to navigate the market and achieve better results. Patient money allows for a return to the market at a lower cost, benefiting both investors and their capital. 

Real Estate is an Asset that Pays You Money

In this podcast, Agostino Pintus delves into the remarkable advantages of real estate as an asset class. He illuminates a crucial distinction: unlike other assets that require conversion into cash to spend, real estate offers the unique ability to generate consistent monthly returns. Agostino shares a personal anecdote about his parents, who retired at the age of 50 with cash flow originating from buildings they still own today. These properties have stood the test of time, benefiting from tenant improvements and essential maintenance like a new roof. Through triple net leases, his parents continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while reaping the rewards of their investments. Despite the challenges of inflation and increasing costs, they now receive two and a half times the rent they initially started with. 

The Reality of Rising in the Corporate Ladder

In this podcast, Agostino Pintus discusses the risks and limitations of climbing the corporate ladder. As one ascends higher, they become a bigger target, burdened with greater responsibilities and higher expectations. Agostino shares a personal experience where he excelled in his role as a high-income earner, only to face unwarranted blame and job loss due to someone else’s mistake. This event made him question the corporate world’s control over his future and the well-being of his family. Determined to take charge of his own destiny, Agostino decided to step away from corporate life. Join the conversation as he shares the turning point that led him to pursue a different path towards financial independence and freedom.


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Agostino is the Founder and CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow where he applies nearly two decades of real estate experience to source, negotiate, and acquire commercial properties. He is a dynamic speaker who has spoken at a wide range of events throughout the United States and Canada. His talk topics vary from business strategy to real estate to leadership development, and he is always a great resource for aspiring commercial real estate professionals.