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Multifamily Investing and Other Deals with Chad Zdenek

Posted by OTS TechPosted at May 10, 2023

Chad Zdenek has always been inspired by the need for multifamily properties while growing up in Los Angeles. As...

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Overcoming Adversity and Maintaining Optimism with Dr. Allen Lomax

Posted by Shannon RobnettPosted at May 3, 2023

Dr. Allen Lomax is the Organizational Psychologist in Chief and the creator and founder of Steed Talker Capital, a...

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Quit Forfeiting Time for Dollars with Neil Timmins

Posted by Shannon RobnettPosted at April 26, 2023

Longing to quit forfeiting time for dollars, Neil moved into real estate investing. While he still owns a company...

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Analyzing Deals 101 with Senate Eskridge

Posted by Shannon RobnettPosted at April 19, 2023

Senate Eskridge was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho. He and his wife Cari have raised five children...

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Locating Tax-advantaged, Passive Cash-Flow Investments with John Michailidis

Posted by Shannon RobnettPosted at March 22, 2023

John Michailidis, MSIRE, JD, is an attorney and entrepreneur with degrees in economics, international real estate, and law. In...

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