Zack Boothe: Investing In Real Estate On A Limited Budget

You can succeed in real estate by starting on a limited budget. With as little as $1000, you can have $40K in 40 days! The show’s guest today is Zack Boothe, founder of Driving For Dollars Mastery. In this episode, Zack talks about his $40k in 40 days challenge starting with just $1,000. Join in the conversation to discover the common mistake people make when getting started with investing in real estate. Plus, you’ll learn the best strategy for finding discounted properties. Are you ready to take the challenge? Tune in!

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Zack Boothe: Investing In Real Estate On A Limited Budget

You’re going to not want to miss this next episode. This is episode 272 and we’ve got Zack Boothe on the show. You’re going to really want to catch this guy because he’s going to talk about the $40,000 in 40-day challenge. I don’t know what it is. I’m going to be as surprised as you are but let’s say that it started with $1,000. He’s going to explain how it’s possible. He’s going to explain the common mistakes people make when they start real estate investing.

He’s going to explain the best strategies of finding discounted properties. He’s also going help you understand that once you attain a discounted property, how to implement the perfect exit strategy on the way to making money. You’re definitely going to want to catch Zack and me as we download this conversation we’re going to be doing right here on the show.

It is my pleasure to be welcoming Zack Boothe to the show. Welcome Zack, how are you?

I’m doing well. Thanks for having me.

A catchy title, $40,000 in 40 days. Who doesn’t want that money? You’ve got to explain before we get into all of this and the $40,000 in 40 days, where does Zack come from? What’s your real estate background? Where did you get this knowledge that now you can do this $40,000 in 40 days thing?

I haven’t always been in real estate. I ran a window cleaning business for several years.

Build relationships and desire to see others succeed.

You cleaned real estate.

I washed a lot of windows for wealthy real estate developers. It was okay. From the outside looking in, I did okay. I had some crazy things happen because of it. I washed, I don’t even know how many hundreds of thousands of pieces of glass in my life. I had three trucks and thirteen employees. By the time I sold it, I had some tutorial videos on window cleaning on YouTube that had millions of views. I ended up on the History Channel because of it for random as possible.

It was a struggle. I wasn’t making money. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to get into real estate investing. I started listening to podcasts. I wised out on the job sites like this one and I wanted to figure out how to get into real estate. I kept hitting all these obstacles. I had bought a duplex but now the banks wanted more down. They wanted a better debt to income ratio. I then just had all these obstacles to get more investment properties. I didn’t know what to do. I felt stuck.

I had read Rich Dad Poor Dad. I was all hyped up but didn’t know anything. I wanted to get there and I had something cool happened. I had heard about wholesaling but I was like, “Wholesaling? That doesn’t work.” You can’t find 50 properties, $0.50, $0.60 on the dollar even cheaper and then pass those deals onto other investors and make $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 just by finding the deal. That doesn’t exist.”

There were people talking about it. The guy was talking about how to get into investing in real estate with no money and that stuff. It was a turnoff. It sounded too good to be true. Of course, it was in my mind. I was very much a skeptic. I learned and heard about it but I was a skeptic. I started washing windows for this guy. His name was Stan Nielsen, super-wealthy, big old house, beautiful house. His wife’s name’s Peggy, the nicest people. I found out he was a real estate developer and he retired from being a civil engineer in his twenties.

I got talking to him like two hours after our conversation. I was like, “If I could just get two rentals this year, it would be life-changing.” He’s like, “That’s convenient. I got these two properties. I don’t want to deal with them. I haven’t collected rents in four months. I lost my property manager. I have this agent who wants to list it. I don’t want to list. I just want it to be done. Would you buy them?” I was like, “Sure. I’ll buy them. How much?” He’s like, “$500,000,” which was a huge discount.

Those things are worth $800,000, their 1-acre horse properties, nice houses. Honestly, they had some deferred maintenance. I said, “That’s a great price. Thank you.” He’s like, “Can you get a loan?” I was like, “No. I can’t get a loan.” He’s like, “I could be the bank. I can finance them.” I was like, “Okay, great.” He’s like, “Could you put 20% down?” You do the math. Most definitely not. I was like, “Could you do a a couple thousand dollars down? Would you do that, Stan? I have a couple of thousand bucks.” He’s like, “That’ll work.” I was like, “Really?” It was done.

He had these multimillion-dollar development projects going on. He didn’t want to deal with him. He didn’t need the money. We built a relationship. He wanted to see me succeed. There were a lot of reasons there. I was like, “Holy crap, motivated sellers exist.” People are more educated, financially well off than me, this stuff is real. You can find these deals.

I’d heard people talk about them. A lot of people would see this and be like, “Deal of a lifetime. You’re never going to find something like that again.” People talked about how there are ways and strategies. You can do that over and over. I quickly became a believer. I drank the Kool-Aid. I was in. I had to do more of this. I had to get out of window cleaning. I had to find deeply discounted properties. Instead of buying them and keeping them, I had to figure out a way to wholesale them.

Find the opportunity and pass the opportunity off for a fee. I became obsessed with it and I’ve had a massive amount of success. A handful of years from it, I went from barely scraping by to be worth well more than a million dollars. I’m making over $1 million a year. It’s crazy. it completely changed my life. I don’t say that to brag. I feel compelled.

People have to understand exactly what you’re doing with it. It’s not being braggadocious. It’s stating what most people like you did when you first came across the opportunity is that this is real because I’m doing it. I’m not a guru. I’m not preaching from the back of the bus. I am doing it. I’m living it. I find it to be very genuine when you’re able to make the statement that you can do what I did. I was a window cleaner. I’m just a dumb contractor. Everybody thinks there’s a lot of glory in contracting until it’s rainy, muddy, nothing’s going right and the job’s going south. Stating with who you are, Zack, and putting that label on there that of what you’ve been able to do isn’t bragging at all.

I appreciate you being that honest with my readers because it gives them the background and the foundation from which to now ingest the information that you’re going to give us about how to do this $40,000 in 40 days thing. If we didn’t have that, we might not take you seriously. I appreciate that. You went from there. Now you’ve got these two horse properties. You’re rolling. How did you come up with this $40,000 in 40 days thing? Take us right into the meat of this thing. Where are we going with this?

I want to be as fast as possible here in not bore your readers. I’m going to skip through. I had some success, I had some roadblocks and I busted through those roadblocks by a strategy that’s called driving for dollars. That’s how I started finding deals. It’s the marketing strategy that I used. I had all this success and along that way, I had done a self-help journal that said, “Whatever I wanted to receive, I had to give.”

I had set a giant goal of doing $1 million in a year. I’m doing wholesaling. I had to give away $1 million according to the self-help journal. I said, “Shit, how do I do that?” I don’t have $1 million. I was like, “Why don’t I teach this marketing system that got me there?” I brought on some students and they had a massive amount of success about well over a million dollars in their businesses and I did $1.2 million that year.

I had just crazy success from learning by teaching and I fell in love with coaching. I fell in love with the fulfillment of helping people get their first deals. I became obsessed with not just wholesaling but also helping other people become successful in wholesaling. I was up super late one night because I was thinking about some of the obstacles and the main obstacles that keep people from being successful.

One of the main obstacles is their skeptics. They don’t think it’s possible, that they’re smart enough. They think that the market’s too competitive. They have all these objections and fears that they don’t take action. They freeze up, they don’t do anything. I was up late like, “How do I change that for people? How do I make them go from skeptic to believer?” I thought about my own experience. What took me from a skeptic to a believer?

I met Stan Nielsen. I washed his windows that happened for me and it changed everything. I was like, “What if I show the world an interaction, how to encounter and find a Stan Nielsen? Show them, give them the same gift that I was given. I thought, “What do I do? I’ll hire someone to follow me around and I’ll do it. I can’t do it where I live.” People then will say, “You have connections. It’s different. Your market’s better than others.” I had to go a whole new place I’d never been.

First of all, that would have to be a requirement. I was like, “Let’s go to Tampa, Florida because it’d be wintertime, it’d be warm. That was literally my criteria. It’s going to be warm there. It’s very specific. This can be done anywhere across the country. I was like, “We’re going to go to Tampa.” Got an Airbnb, got the car, got the film crew lined up. COVID hit. Didn’t know what the health issues would be for my family, postponed it a year. We ended up going and doing it in January 2021.

The whole goal was to take just a small $1,000 because most people don’t have a big budget to start. They don’t have a rich uncle. They don’t have debt. They’re not even comfortable doing it. That’s where I was when I started. I wanted to show people that it didn’t matter where you lived, the amount of experience and understanding of your real estate market that you have that you could do this on your own. I wanted to give this gift to people. The whole goal was to make $40,000. $40,000 is the average income an American makes in a whole year. That’s why I decided on $40,000 in 40 days and it was catchy. It sounds like good marketing.

You act up your whole life, moved to a town you didn’t know to show people that doing exactly what you were doing on a regular basis, anywhere in the world or the US was possible, the same way that Stan taught you how to do. How did you get there? I’m a little bit lost because you glazed over this whole gave away $1 million worth of teaching and all this stuff. How did you accomplish that first thing? You just glanced over this like giving away $1 million is no big deal. Let’s back up a little bit. How did you do that in the first year? You got these two properties from Stan. You then gave away $1 million.

Let’s back up in the story. I did those first deals. I hired a coach at that point. I was a believer. He’s going to teach me how to wholesale, it change my life. Tom Krol is his name. He doesn’t coach anymore but I love him to death. I’ll always be grateful for him. He gave me steps and taught me how to wholesale in the process.

That first eight months of wholesaling. When I signed up with him, I was a believer. I quit. I told my business partner in the window cleaning world, “I quit. If there’s profit, great. If not, whatever.” I had 2, 3 months before I’d go broke. I couldn’t pay my mortgage and I have kids and a wife. This isn’t just me. My wife, I don’t deserve her though she is so freaking supportive. She’s like, “I believe in you. You can do it.” I’m like, “Great. Crap, now the pressure is really on.”

Whatever you want to receive, you have to give.

You don’t want to make her look bad. It’s one thing for you to do it but if she looked bad believing in you.

I was like, “I got to do my wife, family, myself proud. I’m going to do this.” I went for it and I followed his instruction. Within a few months, I found my first traditional wholesale deal where I got the property under contract. They were very educated investors. They had over a hundred rentals at one point. The partnership had gone sour, they had their last property and were just done. I’m a tired landlord again.

I made $10,000 just selling the deal. I sold the purchase contract. I didn’t have to get debt on this one. I have to get a loan, nothing. I sold the contract that I got that’s assignable for $10,000. I was hooked. I was like, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I love this business.” By the end of that fiscal year, eight months later, I had done $115,000.

At the end of that year, I was hitting struggles like, “How do I find more discounted properties?” I was going to county courthouses, city buildings, pulling the Code Violation List, the Divorce List or Eviction List. I was marketing to those people with postcards, seeing if they wanted a sale. My deals dried up. Two months, I didn’t have a single deal and I’m running out of money. Not only am I having to make money to spend money on marketing. Now I’m having to feed my family off that money too. I got to find a way to find discounted properties. I started thinking like, “How do I find more of these people?”

What I realized is every house I went to had physical signs of neglect. The properties were a pain in their butt. They didn’t want to deal with cutting the grass and fixing the cracked window. They put duct tape up and there are boards on windows, whatever. There are physical signs of neglect. I thought I invented this idea. This has been around as long as real estate guys. It’s called driving for dollars but I’m like, “Good job, Zack. You’re so smart.” I’m not smart. It’s been thought of a million times before. I think I invented this thing called driving for dollars. I didn’t know what to call it. I’m driving around and writing down these addresses and I recruited this guy to help me do it.

We got 70 properties and we go to County Records. We look it up on County Records, figure out who owns it and all that stuff. We do a deal. I made $9,000 off of like 70 properties. I was like, “This is what I got to do. This is going to change my life.” I start doing that and then I find out there’s technology and apps where I can just drive through the neighborhoods, see the house and touch the phone, uploads all of the information on an Excel spreadsheet. It speeds up the process. By the end of that year, we do just shy of $500,000. I’m pinching myself. I’m like, “I’ve struck gold.”

You didn’t want to go back into the window business act?

I was so hooked. I was like, “Real estate is my favorite.” Towards the end of that year, another little side note is I found that I could cherry-pick. I picked up another property for $2,000 down, with $60,000 in equity and cashflow. I’m able to cherry-pick the best for myself. I’ve got all this extra cash that I’m buying these properties and fixing them up. I have so much more opportunities and I’m starting to take my family on vacation. Everything changed. I started going to Alaska every year. It was life-changing.

Ever since I was a little kid, I grew up working. My dad put me to work when I was very young. I was mowing lawns from the time I was eleven years old. I worked. I remember thinking even from the time I was a little boy that I wanted to make $1 million a year. I remember thinking like, “A millionaire is nothing. What if you made a million a year?” For some reason, that thought stuck with me and I wanted to do that.

I had read a self-help journal. I got invited to do it with my friend. In that journal, it’s called Living Your Best Year Ever by Darren Hardy if you want to look it up. In the first hundred pages of that journal, you create three big goals. There’s a part in there that says, “Whatever you’re trying to receive, you have to give it. If you want more love, you have to give love. If you want money, you have to give money.” I’d set a goal of $1 million. According to what I had understood, I had to give away $1 million.

The circle is complete for the dumb contractor. I appreciate that, Zack. I have a clear picture of where this $1 million giveaway came from. Now I can understand that. Zack, in slowing down, back it up and bringing me up to speed, you’ve impressed me because what it’s done is it’s drilled down to a level that allowed me to see the excitement of what you did in that year.

How life-changing this has been for you, for those of you that are reading that have watched the gurus, that have watched the guys that do this all the time so polished and slick, you caught the emotion in Zack. You saw where he was still moved by the fact that just a couple of years ago, he was cleaning the windows but now he was able to do things.

Still to this day. My first deal was in April 2017. When I think about it, when I bring the stuff, I’ll get emotional. I get teary-eyed. It changed my life. The day my son was born. All I could think about was how I’m going to pay the medical bills. That’s sucks. It’s the worst.

It does because you’re not even able to enjoy the moment of this. You know what’s coming next. Here comes $6,000, $7,000, $8,000, $9,000, $10,000 worth of medical bills and that’s going to add to the burden you’re already carrying. Now, you’ve identified the fact that you’ve got to give it away. How do you do that?

That’s exactly it. I’m trying to make $1million and not give it away. I was like, “That doesn’t make sense.” I wanted to take it seriously. He’s a successful smart guy and supposedly would help me. I started talking to my wife, “How do we do this, babe? How do we give away $1 million?” I’m a generous person. I give away a lot of my money. I try and help people but I was like, “I don’t know what I do.”

I put $500,000 in my pocket I’m like, “I’ll just go find ten Guinea pigs basically and I’ll say, ’I want to know that you’re invested and I made them pay me a little bit of money so I know that they would follow through and implement the task as I gave them my time and efforts to teach them this marketing system.’” The goal was to put $1 million in combined to these ten people. I would then be qualified. I would accomplish the task or requirement within that journal. It was never an intention to become a coach. That was never my goal. I wanted to make $1 million. It was a self-centered all about me. It was.

The way you went about it was the right way. If you’re going to do it about you giving it away first to get it probably taught you more than just how to get the $1 million.

It’s crazy dude, the more I taught, the more I realized how stupid I was. The more I taught, the more questions I got and I’m like, “Why the hell did I not think of that?” They would ask me a question and be like, “I don’t know. I got to figure that out.” I would look into my business. I found some holes and some mistakes that were costing me hundreds of thousands. What was so cool is by the end of that twelve months of coaching, my business did $1.2 million. It’s nothing of what they paid me.

At $1.2 million, I never in my life imagined. My grandfather had one tooth and a gun to his name when he died. I don’t come from money. You don’t understand like this was life-changing. The craziest thing is that was cool to do $1 million. We went, had a nice dinner and my wife and I celebrated. I’m going to get emotional.

Every time I had a student make money, it meant more to me and was more fulfilling to me than when I did deals. It was incredible. I knew what it meant for them and their families because that’s what it meant to me. I had been in their shoes every time I have a student, even to this day. I fell in love with coaching. I fell in love with the high of helping someone go from struggling to doing it. I accidentally happened upon my passion, which is serving, coaching and teaching.

Through Stan and real estate, you found your true passion, which is beyond real estate. It’s using real estate as the vehicle to coach, teach and help.

I still have my wholesaling business. I’m going to do anywhere between $1.5 million and $2 million in wholesale fees and flipping fees. That doesn’t even count my rental portfolio. I’ve increased my net worth by $600,000 with stuff I’ve bought and all of that set up passive with the team. I spent all my time coaching. I feel like I eat my cake and I keep it. It’s incredible what’s come of real estate. I love it. It’s the best business. I think everyone should quit their jobs and do it. It’s the greatest thing in the world.

The more you teach, the more you learn.

You drank the Kool-Aid. You said that it was your self-doubt that kept you from truly winning it. Did I misquote you there?

No, 100%. That’s why I did the 40-day challenge. I wanted to give that gift.

Are you saying that the only thing that stood between you and your success was you?

It was 100%. I got a coach and he gave me the action steps. That’s important but there are lots of coaches, free content and action steps you can get. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t take action. If I don’t take action, I don’t get results. If I don’t get results, I start to spiral downwards with less confidence, less action and you fall into a rot. You have to start with that belief. The whole goal was to make $40,000. I don’t want to spoil it. You go watch it for free on YouTube. I blew that out of the water. I crushed it way more over double that. I don’t want to spoil that.

What was most important to me for that challenge was not necessarily to make more than $40,000. Of course, that was the goal. That was the whole attempt. Before I went, I prayed and said, “God, I want to give a gift to people. I want to find a Stan Nielsen and I want to document it because I want to give other people the confidence to change their life like my life was changed because of Stan Nielsen.” I get emotional every time I tell this story because it’s real, it’s raw, it changed everything for my family and it’s going to change generations. It’s going to change many other families because it’s put me in this position of authority to be able to help and coach.

If you’re going to watch any of these days, watch day four. Day four, I got the wrong phone number. I call the wrong guy and I said, “Do you want to sell your property XYZ?” I can’t remember the address. He’s like, “Do we own the address?” I was like, “It doesn’t even matter. It sounds like you have more than one property. Do you want to sell anything that you have? I’m looking to buy.” “Conveniently, yeah, I do. I have some.” The guy’s name was Jerry. I go to his house that night. We signed three contracts, super successful investor, 100% I believe that God put them in my way.

I don’t normally think that everything that happens in my life is from God but I prayed for exactly that. A wealthy gentleman that had a ton of success. I sat in his house for 2, 3 hours and he told me how he had wheeled, dealed and got all these deals but these two were a pain in his butt. He didn’t want to deal with them. We signed the purchase agreements and after we had signed and everything, he had told me he was dying of cancer.

He was grateful that he met me and someone that he could pass it on to and he wanted to see me be super successful. I started crying and I told him what I was doing. I told him how much money I was trying to make. I told him about the 40-day challenge and the gift I was trying to give others to inspire other people to be successful. They asked not to be on camera. I didn’t get to get any of this footage. I got some of it. We cried and hugged, all of us. I went on my way and just those properties made me over $100,000.

The cool thing too is when I came home, I interviewed both Jerry and his wife Lynn on my podcast. He shared some of his stories and what he had done. Shortly after that episode, he passed away from cancer. It’s been an incredible journey. It’s amazing how much life can change in a handful of years when you do the right things and you work for the right reasons for sure.

The legacy that Jerry left. Here’s a guy that wheeled and dealed in his dying moments, dying weeks, months, was able to make even more change and pay it forward walking out of this world. That’s a rarity. It’s all about what you put out there and what you attract. The reality is you set out with a goal to change the lives of others and somehow that was your life that got changed. You’re laying down some serious stuff here about business, personal principles, what the way the world works.

If you want negative energy, you will attract negative energy. If you want positive energy, you will attract it because of what you give off. If you’re out there trying to give away $1 million, you’re going to get it. I completely agree with you on how this happens. I love the passion behind your story. I love the realness of it so often we get sold stuff. If you look back on Zack, I think if you would’ve met the skeptic you, I don’t think you’d have had any problem convincing him. You wouldn’t have needed a Stan.

I just kicked myself in the butt and said, “Get to work.”

You even convince me, I’m not a wholesale guy. I’ve done about every real estate before it had a real official Millennial name. I did house hacking when it was just being broke and needed to keep the lights on. I did a flip. I actually did a complicated flip because I bought the house and moved it. I then remodeled it and flipped it.

I’ve done the bird strategy, I’ve done them all but it’s about the passion behind it that gets the people to believe it. Zack, I dig the time that we’ve had. I know that your time is a little bit short. What about the 40-day challenge was the most inspiring? Was it the fact that you accomplished the goal? Was it the fact that you helped Jerry out? What was the number one thing that you took away from that?

I had asked for finding a Stan Nielsen, to give that blessing to other people, to give them that confidence. That’s my favorite part of it. There are a lot of valuable things you can get from this I document day by day, the challenge, the struggle, the cold-calling, the objections, the rejection, how hard it is, how hard I work and how exhausted I was.

I had never drunk energy drinks in my life. I was throwing those things back. I’m having to do the starting up a company bootstrap and the thing with $1,000 and I still got a million-dollar wholesaling business that I’m sitting in on meetings, answering questions, helping evaluate deals and then I’m going to have all my students all across the country. I made a major sacrifice for the first 30 days of that challenge.

My wife’s from Brazil. I sent my kids and my wife away for 30 days. I didn’t see my family for 30 days to do this challenge. It was a massive sacrifice to do this. I’m grateful for what that content is. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. There was a lot of emotional pressure. The pressure I put on myself because I was promoting this thing long before I left.

You had your back to the wall.

I open up myself to failure.

Usually, when we do our best work because we’re not going to fail, higher that way. We’re not going to accept that. Zack, that’s an incredible story. Now, when you teach your students, are you teaching this 40 days to process?

I teach them the exact action steps, what I do and how I do it. That’s what I teach my students. I don’t necessarily want to promote my course and my coaching because I don’t want to take it away from the free stuff. I don’t want to be like, “He’s just pitching his course.” Don’t join my course.

If you think I’m pitching a course, just don’t ever join it. Find a different coach, please. I want you to be successful. I want my legacy that I changed lives. Not that I took money from people to change life but I changed lives. There’s the free YouTube content, there’s also my podcast the Driving For Dollars Mastery and the YouTube channel is DFD Mastery stands for Driving For Dollars. Search that in YouTube, you can find my channel.

It’s amazing how much your life can change in a handful of years when you do the right things and you work for the right reasons. 

Zack, you said you spend most of your time now coaching? Now, you’ve systematized your Driving For Dollars business, your wholesaling business. It runs with a couple of employees and you’re still doing the same volume.

Doing more volume. I don’t have a humongous team. I have my main Acquisition Manager Hayden has been with me for several months after I started. He manages and trains since I went to Florida and opened up a whole new branch to bootstrap the company there. We now are still continually doing deals there. We hired an acquisition manager there. We’re making money in Florida now, accidentally. I have Miguel, who does all my driving and systems. We’re hiring another driver in Florida. We need someone there. I have three cold-callers and a VA that spends ten hours a week on our business. That’s it. That’s our entire team to do $1.5 million to $2 million.

I don’t know if you’ve been on the app Clubhouse at all but there’s a guy that I’ve talked to quite a few times on there and he goes by the handle Gregory The Mailman.

I’ve heard the name.

Greg is a guy that learned to talk to the other mailmen to drive for dollars for him because they got the same route every day. They know who collects the mail. They know who doesn’t show up. They know the house that’s overgrown and he would pay them for those tips. It was the same thing. Now, he was using people who are already doing the driving that didn’t realize that they were his, not his Guinea pigs but he now had a minion of other mailmen driving for him. He was able to close those deals and get those referrals through other mailmen. It was funny because when you mentioned Driving For Dollars, I think of Gregory because every day, six days a week, you’re going through the same neighborhood going, “Mrs. Johnson’s never getting his mail.”

You’re throwing it over the fence. He’s got a pile around the mailbox. You know this is an abandoned house, the same things that you were talking about. Zack, I appreciate you coming to the show. If somebody doesn’t have the time or the money to join your course, what is the one piece of content that you have that they have to go look at? Is it day four? What is the one piece that they got to go look at?

You got to go watch the 40-day challenge. If you want it, you watch the whole thing. If you’re just intrigued, watch day four but if you’re serious, watch the whole thing. Watch the YouTube channel. Once you’re done with that, listen to all the episodes of my podcast. It’s not just me rambling. It’s the students that are doing Driving For Dollars, their life-changing success and exactly how they did it. It’s not a pitchfest. This is what they did and how they did it, then go do it. I’m trying to change lives with my content, not signing people up.

Zack, I appreciate you stopping by the Real Estate Rundown and giving us this information. Go check out, go find Zack on YouTube, go find us. Tune in, don’t forget to share and subscribe to the Real Estate Rundown on PodchaserSpotifyiTunes, wherever you get your podcasts and get automatic updates. You’ll find us on Instagram as well. Thank Zack by going and checking out his content. Zack, I do thank you for showing up on my show. I appreciate it. We look forward to hearing from you again soon and more content about how you gave away another $1 million by helping other people. How’s that sound? How’s that a challenge?

I love it.

Zack, I appreciate you.

Thanks for having me. It has been a pleasure.

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About Zack Boothe:

Just a few years ago, Zack Boothe was a window cleaner. You can even find his window cleaning tutorial videos on YouTube with millions of views. Although he achieved success with his window cleaning business, he always dreamt of being a real estate investor. Taking a leap of faith, he walked away from window cleaning, and within a handful of years, he was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. Zack now has his own team and spends much of his time giving back and helping others get started in the competitive game of real estate. Zack is passionate about sharing how easy it is to be successful once you implement a system that consistently produces discounted properties. When he isn’t helping people make money through real estate, Zack can be found spending time with his wife and two children and hiking the mountains of the Western United States.