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Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Boise, Idaho?

Successful real estate investment requires a delicate balance between the availability of opportunities (supply) and the desirability of the end development (demand). Boise, Idaho, and surrounding areas are uniquely posed as ideal locations for some of the nation’s best real estate markets.
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Boise Is a Growing Commercial Real Estate Market

For the last few years, Forbes magazine has ranked Boise, Idaho, as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. (Source) As Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) has made many successful real estate syndication deals in the Boise area, we have also collected information on why this area is booming. Boise boasts the following:
  • A population of more than 730,000 people. (census.gov) Many people think of Idaho as entirely rural and remote. The Boise metro area, however, is quickly growing with many urban advantages while maintaining close ties to nature and rural areas. There’s open land available for ground up, multi-family investment property developments along with an already expanding population to fill them.
  • Job growth. With large employers like Amazon investing in the Treasure Valley, along with some of the state’s largest employers already being Boise-based, job growth can sustain the population growth we rely on to support our syndication investments.
  • Idaho is a business-friendly state regarding taxes. Another way Idaho can sustain job growth is its attractive climate for small and large business expansion. Regulations are minimal, therefore also creating an environment where perfectly legal tax shelter investments are free to grow.

These are some reasons why the Boise metropolitan area will continue to be a real estate investment leader in coming years. (To learn more about the specific types of investments that Shannon Robnett Industries finances, see our Home page.)
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Reasons to Live and Work in Boise

Besides the tangible, numbers-driven benefits of investing in the Treasure Valley, there are plenty of less-tangible factors that contribute to an overall setting where good things are happening for businesses and for individuals in Idaho. These include:
  • Outdoor culture. Idahoans love getting outside for hiking, camping, skiing, watersports, and more. We enjoy experiencing all four seasons of Idaho weather.
  • Boise State University. Having a four-year university with post-graduate degrees in the city creates ample opportunities for education for the entire community.
  • Local arts scene. Boise is large enough to attract big-ticket music talents from Garth Brooks to KISS, but Boise is also small enough to support a burgeoning local music scene at venues like The Knitting Factory. The Boise Art Museum showcases local and traveling artists, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival puts on a full repertoire of theater every summer.
  • Tight-knit community feeling. Boiseans pride themselves on being friendly. We don’t hesitate to smile at or offer help to strangers.

For more information on the largest cities in the Boise area, see the Chamber of Commerce web pages for The City of Boise, The City of Nampa, and The City of Meridian.

The Treasure Valley is growing quickly.

Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) invests in Boise, Idaho, because we are proud to live in the area and excited to bring our expertise to one of the best areas to invest in real estate in today’s economy. Call 208-405-6176 or contact us to learn more about becoming a real estate syndication partner with SRI.
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