The Future of Tokenized Real Estate Webinar

Learn about the fast-moving developments happening with Blockchain Technology and the impact this can have in the syndication space

Hosted by Shannon Robnett
with Alex Chan of Blockchain Capitalists

What You’ll Learn in this Webinar

As a Real Estate Developer & Syndicator for almost 30 years, I’ve made the observation that real estate is not a quick investment. It’s a slow, steady growth that brings in return but don’t expect ground-breaking innovation…

That was until Blockchain and Tokenization came along.

I’m excited to talk about the fast-moving developments happening with Blockchain Technology and the impact this can have in the syndication space.

In this FREE webinar we’ve sent over, you can watch my discussion with Alex Chan of Blockchain Capitalists on The Future of Tokenized Real Estate.

What does “tokenization” mean? In theory, anything of value can be fractionalized and tokenized. So, everyone can own a piece of something.

If you can imagine the impact that tokenization will have on ownership, liquidity, and the property industry at large, then this webinar is a must watch!

The future is tokenized.

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