Think Big

Zero to Sixty . . . Million Dollar Portfolio

Shannon Robnett’s story is an amazing feat that truly began where most individuals give up: rock bottom. In this chapter, you will read how Shannon struggled with chronic pain and drug dependency due to a severe physical injury, which resulted in his disability and financial strife. 

Motivated by the support of his wife, Jessie, and the dream of having a normal life with her and their kids, Shannon pushed past these challenges, recovered his health, and rose to build Phoenix Commercial Construction. This led to him founding an investor relations group that has raised $35 million in equity for numerous projects in less than two years. 

With over 500 units of multifamily under development and $175 million in projects on the books, Shannon Robnett Industries now includes a property management company, an equity raising piece, as well as their latest venture of digitizing real assets on blockchain.

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About Shannon Robnett

Shannon Robnett is a developer, builder, syndicator, blockchain enthusiast, and philanthropist. As active CEO of Shannon Robnett Industries, he vertically integrates all aspects of investing. Shannon and his wife Jessie travel the world looking for opportunities to combine real assets with cash flow and freedom