Shift Your Mindset To Find Bigger Opportunities With Kirk Barnes

Are you working so that your children don’t have to work? Are you working so that they have an education? People often think about working only for themselves. Maybe it’s time to shift the mindset a little bit. Work not just for your first generation of kids but for your third or fourth. Life is too short to just give up and accept where you are now. You can always aim higher. Kirk talks more about this with Shannon Robnett on the show. Join in and discover how networking can help you in your business ventures. Learn how to work for the future of your children and how you can always strive to be better.

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Shift Your Mindset To Find Bigger Opportunities With Kirk Barnes

You are not going to believe who my next guest is. I have got Kirk “THE BANK” Barnes coming on my show episode 247, coming straight to you from New York. The reality is, this guy is so real and raw. This is his first podcast, but he’s going to be on our podcast. He’s going to tell us how he is killing it in real estate and how he is winning because of a positive mindset about plugging into the right people, about how you can do those same things using your assets, resources, and internal gumption. Also plugging in with people using a funky little app called Clubhouse. You’re going to want to read this episode of the Real Estate Run Down because my guest, Kirk Barnes, is going to blow your brains out with all the information he’s going to give you.

I have the huge honor of having a guy that I’ve never met but I can definitely call him my friend, Kirk “THE BANK” Barnes, on the show. Kirk, how are you?

Shannon, thank you. I appreciate and love you bringing me here.

The pleasure is all mine. I am so excited about this episode because I don’t get so pumped up like I am. It’s not the coffee. It’s about the journey. One of the things that I know about you is I know a small tidbit of your journey, what’s gotten you involved in real estate, and where you’re at. I want you to introduce Kirk Barnes to my readers and let us know where you come from, where your goals are, and where you’re headed. Give us an insight on who Kirk is.


Mindset Shift: The first deals are the hardest. A journey of a thousand miles starts with your first steps.

I’m originally from Jamaica. I wasn’t born here. I was about eleven years old when I came to America. From there, you follow with senior community. It wasn’t right, but I’ve done certain things that didn’t get me anywhere. Getting older now after coming out of jail, honestly Shannon, that’s how it started for me. Let me back up a little bit. I wasn’t a believer in God. I did some things and after getting locked up that night, I saw everything. I said, “God, please don’t let me do any time. If you let me out of this one, I’ll go on your side. Just do me this one favor. Hold on me.” I went in there and I did about a year. That was the first time I ever went to jail.
I came out and I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. From then, that book right there transitioned my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, Shannon, I was always a six-figure earner. I always made over $100,000. I’m a plumber. It’s not just from the job but my side jobs as well. Until I realized, “You could build a company and you could take it from there and go even further.” Reading that book changed my whole mindset. It’s a totally awesome book. I bought a house a few years ago and I turned it into a fortune. That’s what I like to say.

It’s subdivided.

I’m in my ADU. I’m in a basement and I’m renting two top floors. I’m in the Airbnb space as well. I look into maximizing on things I could do. That’s me in a short quick summary.

Let’s pick that thing open. You read the book by Robert Kiyosaki and he talks about a lot of things. What was it that you got out of that book that you said, “This is what I’m not doing that I need to do?” What was the main thing you took away from that?

The rich don’t work for money.

I can’t imagine that there’s somebody reading my podcast that hasn’t read the book, but let’s pretend there is. What do you mean the rich don’t work for money? The Rolls Royce doesn’t by itself.

The way I summed it up is, we earn a lot of money. We don’t make money. Generally, we say that. What are you doing with that money that you earned at the onstart? Are you paying your bills first, and then whatever is left over, you’re going to not try to put it somewhere or try to invest that money? No. Invest in you first. Take that 10% for yourself first. Also, The Richest Man in Babylon was another book that’s good, too.

This is the great thing about America. It’s the land of opportunity. You can come just as you are. Let’s back up a little bit and introduce people to how we met. We met on this funky little app called Clubhouse. We’ve never met in person. In fact, this is the first time I’ve even seen a video of you. I see a picture of you and you see a picture of me.

I’m totally different in the picture. I don’t have a beard in the picture at all.

I’m still just as dashingly handsome so we can leave that. The reality is we met on this app and we got to know each other talking about real estate. One of our main places to get together is in the Real Estate Café where we get together for six hours every day, Monday through Friday, and we talk real estate. The reality is we’ve gotten to know that. I know your story and you’re working hard. You’re putting that stuff together. When you start talking about paying yourself first, the books you’ve read, and the knowledge that you’ve acquired, what’s changed over that versus being in Clubhouse? What’s happening with your life now that you’ve gotten introduced to Clubhouse and some of the other things that are going on with that?

For one thing, Shannon, meeting you in Clubhouse is awesome. I was on the app early and I mentioned something about being in the audience and not feeling like you belong there. You feel scared. You feel like these guys are doing so much more than you’re doing and it makes you not want to come up there and ask the question. For me, coming where I’m coming from, I have access to these guys and gals here that are doing your thing and you’re here giving that information away. A person will have to be silly, I won’t say stupid but it is stupid, to not hop in, or at least try, on what’s going on. For instance, before I got on this app, I heard about Airbnb but never tried it. I’m renting those two floors. For me in my mind, it’s like, “You get a house, you get long-term tenants, they pay the rent, and you’re golden.” Shannon, in my first month, I made almost 2.5 times my rent.

That is the power of Clubhouse, but it’s the power of application. This is where you don’t give yourself enough credit because you could have sat there for several years and not applied what you are hearing, but you did apply it. That’s the difference. Ninety five percent of people won’t apply what they learn. They’re going to read the book, put it down, meet the person, and do these things, but they’re never going to apply it. That’s the thing that you are doing that is next level. It’s where you’re not giving yourself credit for being extraordinary.

I would agree with you, I wouldn’t say it stupid. I would call it ignorant because an ignorant person doesn’t know what they don’t know. After plugging into the Clubhouse app and being able to network with the people, there are some serious things and networking going on. Some things are happening in my life that are changing my life, even at this level, on a personal level. I’m connecting with the people that we’re connecting with. Let’s talk about what your journey has been. You got a two-unit and you’ve converted it to a four-unit. You’ve now added short-term rental to that repertoire. What are you going to do next? What is your trajectory look like now?

I’m learning so much from the app that I can take in any which way I want to take it in my life because I’m earning more. The minute this ADU goes out of the market, I’m golden. I can’t quite say I can leave my six-figure job as yet, but if I get about 2 or 3 more units, definitely I can.

How long does that take now? From where that happens, that’s like 2021 business.

This is where I’m getting to. The strategies that’s been opened up to me, and that’s what I’ve been learning and thinking to apply, is I can go out on two routes. I had a conversation with Shawn Ackerman.

Shawn’s going to be on the podcast as soon as our schedules match. You are the first from Clubhouse to be on my podcast so I’m pumped about that.

The rich don’t work for money.

Shawn and I had a conversation. The thing with Shawn is I could definitely tap into Shawn for free. They trust me enough to send me thousands of dollars. He’s on an app and they literally do. They didn’t even lie when he said he never asked me what happened to the money. I make sure that I have to be accountable for every little cent that goes out and I make sure I write everything down. I paid Shawn the money for his consultation and I could have got it for free. To show somebody how much you value them, even though you get it for free and you can get it for free, also show that person your appreciation. I’m not just tapping into Shawn, but I’m tapping into his network. Your network is your net worth. I’m tapping into you, Shannon. Who knows what can happen online? You’re a builder. For me, you are here. I keep saying thank you and you might downplay, but Shannon, I really appreciate it.

I’m going to back it up for you a bit, too because I need you to understand, too. The first deals are the hardest deals. There comes a lot. I remember my first deal after I lost everything. I remember my first deal after all my struggles. I remember how important everything that happened there because of everything I learned that now makes the steps easy. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first steps. This is why I’m so excited to have you on my show because you’re getting to tell everybody what those first steps are and the fact that you’re winning. That’s what everybody thinks. They think, “Shawn Ackerman can do it because he’s something special.” Let’s not take it away from the guy he is.

Everybody says, “Shannon, you can do it because you’re special.” I’m not. It’s not because I put my pants on the same way as everybody else. It’s just that I know that the biggest deals and struggles that I had were the first deals. There’s so much that you’re impacting here and I want to back up the importance of trust and applying information. We’ve all met at Clubhouse and we’ve gotten to know each other here. When you say they’re sending you thousands of dollars, what do you mean by that? Why would Jonathan and Shawn trust you to cash up your thousands of dollars?

Not only that, Shannon, what he showed me and what I’m learning is that I show up to the game and I’m there. It sounds so cliché, but it’s not. It really is the blueprint. Continue to work and continue to absorb, but you don’t want to get into that analysis paralysis type of situation. Shawn and Jonathan were in the room and they opened up the room, and I tapped in. They said, “We need a bank.” Shawn looked at me and he said in his mind, “This guy is always here.”

It was also a test and I’m not going to let them down from a test. I’m consistent, but I’m also trustworthy because Shannon, for me to hold thousands of dollars from these guys, skip town, and potentially miss out on millions doesn’t make sense to me. For them to trust in me like that, even today on an app, they said yes, they never say to me, “Where did this money go? Where did that money go?” These guys have made me over $20,000 so far and I have not met any one of these guys.

We’re going to call this show Devil’s Advocate because I’m hearing it from your side and I love that story. Of all the times I’ve offered to mentor people, I get people ask me all the time, “Can you mentor me?” I say, “Sure.” We have a conversation, a phone call, and put together, “Do these first action steps. As soon as you’ve got those done, here’s the scheduling. Schedule another appointment and we’ll go over that, then we’ll talk about the second step.” We’ll talk about the third step. We’ll just walk through this. I don’t charge for that. Ninety five percent of people never make another appointment.

Of the 100-plus that I’ve had this, I’ve got two guys that are still around and continue to show up. When you talk about the power of just showing up, you don’t understand, that puts you in the top 5% of money earners out there so that if you can get to the top 5%, then you can get anywhere. How many people don’t even make the top 5% by making the second meeting? This is why, Kirk, you don’t understand. You keep telling me, “Shannon, you don’t understand.” You’re unusual, special, and different. You’re not only listening to the information, but you’re absorbing and you’re applying information. That’s the difference.

How many books has Robert Kiyosaki written? How many books have been read? How many books have changed lives? The number keeps going down every single time. If Jonathan thought he had to ask where the money went, he would have never said it. You know that. You’ve got your ADU, you got your 2 to a 4, and you’re making money like you’ve never made before. Did you think that a couple of years ago, you’d be thinking about quitting your job?


You’re going to be in a position where you’re going to have that option. You’re going to have the option to go full-time into real estate and make that your career. What’s that feel like?


Mindset Shift: You can die and leave your kid a job. A good person leaves money for the third generation. Not the first one nor the second one.

You have no idea still, Shannon. I have four children. I had a vision and a dream that my son is going to want to take over. I’m going to school him and he’s going to school the older ones. I’m not only doing it for me, Shannon. I make six figures and have always been since I was eighteen years old. I was earning high fives. You can’t die and leave your kid a job. For me, that’s what I realized. I’m getting up in age. Shannon, we have our fruitful years in front of us. It’s not behind us. We learn what we learn back then and we apply it to what we’re going to do.

For me, I’m definitely thinking about dying. They said in the scriptures in the Bible that a good person leaves money for the third generation, not just the 1st or the 2nd. My ultimate goal is to have enough. Not just giving it away to them, don’t get me wrong. They might not be able to get it until they’re 50 years old. It all depends, Shannon. Definitely, my thing is to build generational wealth and being able to leave them something that I never had growing up. I’m an immigrant from Jamaica.

Kirk, you came from hardworking parents. The differences in the mindset shift of the rich don’t work for money. The rich aren’t in there punching a clock and going, “I’ve got to get my 40 hours this week. In fact, I’m hoping Christmas is coming. I’ve got to get some overtime. Let’s see what we could get. Mama needs a new pair of shoes.” We’re not trading time for money. You’ve shifted that mindset and now you’re working just as hard. You’re working for Kirk.

I remember one of my mentors always used to tell me, “I’d rather sell pencils on a corner for myself than work for somebody else.” What that meant was about being in control of your time because if you’re in control of your time, you could sell pencils, newspapers, and anything you could get your hands on. You weren’t trading your time directly and say, “You’re only worth X and you’ll never be worth more than X.” It’s awesome to see how you shifted that mindset to now be able to go, “I can not only be successful as an entrepreneur, coming from a long line of workers, but I can now be an entrepreneur. I’m going to nail this so hard. My kids’ kids are going to know what grandpa did.”

That determination is the part that I love about your story, and what I know about you. You are not content with the status quo, the way you grew up, the lifestyle you found yourself involved in, and where you sit today. That comes through. That passion is there. I understand that and I get that right where we know that your passion is there to pass that on to your next generation. As you’re looking forward, as you’re saying, “This is where I’ve come to in the last few years.” Where are you going to take this in the next few years?

Shannon, a few years from now, the only reason I’ll be on a job is because I want to be there. I love plumbing. I love what I do. The only thing I don’t do is going to the street. From the ground, ceiling to the roof, I have that down. I’ve been doing this for over 23 years. I started when I was eighteen. I’ve been doing this for so long. I cannot leave my kid a job. Even the things that I hear from you as well as being a builder is inspirational, Shannon. It makes me see that there’s more out there than what meets the eye. You don’t know what you don’t know, but then you learn it and apply it.

Your network is your net worth.

That’s the great thing, too, about the connections that we’re making. I love it when somebody can grab ahold of and see that. I also love hearing the passion you have for the job you have. A workman is worthy of his hire and being able to pass on a trade and a skillset is awesome. How many kids are getting that from their parents these days? When you ask the kids, “What does your dad do? What does your mom do?” “They go to work.” “What do they do?” “I don’t know.”

To be able to pass along not only that particular skill but the passion to work. I love what I do. My kids don’t always understand it. For me, it’s always awesome to do that. When I’m doing that, I see how I pass that up. I see my son and my daughter coming up into business and they’re seeing dad’s passion. They’re absorbing that passion and they’re finding it in their own vein. They all have a little bit of a different vein that they’re going down, but they’re finding that passion to create.

That’s what I see in you. You’re taking that passion for what you do and you’re changing that a little bit to now doing it for yourself. Out of that, you’re going to change that so your kids can do it. Your kids are going to be able to take what you taught them and do it. That’s awesome. In a few years, I want to hear the goals. What are the goals? You’ve got four doors now. What do you see yourself in a few years, Kirk?

I write this down and it’s in my bathroom. I would stick it right on the wall, as they said. You have to write certain things out. Sometimes my cousin comes in and he’s like, “Why do you have all these papers everywhere?” Now he’s realized that these papers mean something. He’s like, “I thought you write stuff down and leave it all over the place.” He’s going to see the vision come together. He even reminded me. That’s the thing, Shannon, you have to have people around you that can also help to assist you with your vision. You can’t have people who are stuck in their mindset and is not in a growth mentality. You cannot have those people around you.

I’m going to answer your question but let me say this first. Tony Robbins said this as well, too. He used to make so much money but with the people he hangs out with, he had to dumb himself back down to be on their level because they didn’t accept him. All of a sudden, he was the bragger, “I was not here to brag. You want me to be where you’re at. I was already there. It didn’t do much for me.” Do you understand?


Mindset Shift: People will follow what you’re doing until they see you do what you say you’re going to do. 

I get it. That’s the thing, if you’re looking around and you are the smartest guy in the room, you need to go find another room. That’s why I love being in Clubhouse because I’m learning new stuff every day. When you’re learning and you’re constantly being challenged, you’re going to be more insightful, more in tune, and you’re going to feel and see more things that you didn’t know. I love the fact that you’re writing this stuff down and you’re putting it all over where you’re seeing that. Kirk, we were in a room where Rogelio was helping a guy understand that the words that you speak are real. The things that you say can lift you up, edify you, and can damage you. You need to be aware of what you’re saying. It was neat to see because we all needed that reminder. I was able to learn vicariously through this other guy, Edwin. Edwin was getting taken to school but he learned the power of what we have in our heads, minds, and mouths. You wanted to ask me a question, what was it?

I lost my train of thought.

We’re going down this happy trail and it’s great because that’s what we’re doing. We’re seeing those things walked out and we’re seeing those things manifested because you’re being intentional. You’re putting those notes everywhere and writing that stuff down. You know how many units you want to have. You know what lifestyle and income you want to have.

The goal is 40 units. Each unit, at least, is generating $500. My goal is $20,000 a month.

I want to bring you back to the guy who you were a few years ago. You said, “My goal is just $20,000 a month.” Did you hear you put that word in there? Let’s talk about how your mindset has changed. Were you saying, “Just $20,000 a month a few years ago?”

Definitely not.

Are you saying that months ago?

Definitely not.

It’s belief, action, and being around the right people. Readers, if you are not picking this up, this is exactly why I had to have Kirk on my podcast. He is putting these small little intentional steps every single day. In a matter of six months, he’s changed his thought process from, “I’m going to show my kid how to be a plumber, so he can have a profession. Just $20,000 a month,” to generational wealth, to showing his children’s children how to not have a job. This is why Kirk is amazing because he’s putting these things into practice and he’s not looking to be getting rich quick overnight. He’s been doing this for a few years. He’s changed his life and every day, the horizon gets wider.

Shannon, I’m giving myself another few years to retire. When I say retire, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working. It means that I don’t have to go out there and break my booty like I’m doing right now.

That’s amazing, too. Tony Robbins goes into that about how much it takes if you’ve got cashflow. That’s the one you’re looking for. You’re looking for that thing that continues to repeat. It’s not about having $10 million in the bank and living on the interest on the money because as we all know, the bank is not going to pay you anything. It’s about having assets that are going to pay you every month because somebody is living in them and taking care of them for you. That’s awesome, Kirk. I can’t wait to play this podcast back for you. I’ll let you sit in the audience and read the gems that you’ve been dropping on this thing talking about what it is that has changed your life and how you are now no longer the person you were months ago.

Shannon, JOB is Just Over Broke.

It’s the rat race.

I bought that game so long ago, Shannon, and I’ve tried to play it with my children. I have played it with them and they got the concept. Until people see you do what you say you’re going to do, that’s the difference. You can talk about it all day long but as you’re trying to do it, it makes no sense. Doing an Airbnb, the first month, I’m covered on my mortgage on one unit. I got three more units. I have one unit paying the mortgage. What now? Imagine where I’m headed, Shannon? Imagine the information I had. I’m headed to the buy-and-hold. Yes, I’m going to do the 40 units but then it’s the short-term situation. Jay Massey, I have to give it to him.

How would you have met Jay Massey?

If it wasn’t for Clubhouse, I never would have. Shannon, I would never have met you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, but then you learn it and apply it.

They never met me too, so you’ve got to give them that.

I said, “Do I want to be a developer?” I think about you, Shannon. I’m already in the plumbing space. I could do stuff from the ground up but then I’m like, “Shannon is doing that space.” What I loved about you is you’re a gentleman. I truly apprecilove and I don’t say apprecihate. I apprecilove you for giving me the chance for this conversation because you also are doing your thing on a different level. I love what you do because you’re humble and you’re authentic. I love it when you’re on the app. You’re witty and you also call people out on their BS. I love that about you.

Thank you. I don’t normally get compliments like that so I appreciate that. I’m going to take it in.

You have to say, “I apprecilove it.”

That’s what creates better humanity. That’s what creates a better existence here where we’re able to help each other. You’re right, Kirk. You can do what I do. What I do is not hard. What I do is I show up. What I do is I’m consistent. What I do is I’ve applied the things that I’ve learned like you. The thing that I want all of my readers to take away is the fact that we all can learn to be whatever we want to be. We can all do this. It’s not something that only the rich get to do or only the super intellectual get to do.

In my high school, I have a PhD, that’s a public high school diploma but I also was the only one that they asked not to come back. I truly do believe this. I had my 30-year high school reunion in 2021 and they passed me, so I wouldn’t come back because my teachers didn’t think I was witty. They didn’t call it witty, they call it a smartass. That’s the reality. I never went to college. I went to college for a semester but then I decided that all they wanted you to show up.

I tried it five times so don’t worry about it and I said that it wasn’t for me.


Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not! By Robert Kiyosaki

You had to take notes, pass a test, and you had to do all this stuff. I never liked that. When you look at where you’re at and you look at what you’re doing, what are you telling the person that is sitting on the sidelines wondering what to do?

The thing is, you have the Grant Cardones of the world we’re in. Sometimes we see this happen to where Grant comes into the room. He let the room focus on Grant Cardone. He’d tell you, “Go big. A 10,000 unit is the same as doing one unit.” Sometimes we don’t have the mentality for 10,000-unit. Start where you’re at. The information you’re getting, you can figure it out. Instead of buying twelve Jordans and each Jordan is $150, I don’t spend over $1,000 on Jordans.

For me, why not put that money down for five years? I have $5,000. There’s some type of way I could look into getting into something that’s going to bring me back the money instead of the money going out and never coming back in. You start where you’re at and that’s where it all begins. Start where you’re at and work on stuff. The comparison is a stealer of joy. Trust me, it’s the imposter syndrome. You feel like you’re in an audience and here are these people doing this and this. You have to remember that everyone is a regular person as well. They’ve put their feet in their jeans one leg at a time.

I tried to do it both at one time but I busted out my teeth. I couldn’t quite jump high enough. I got one leg caught up. This is a great thing. You get that visual picture of me going head over heels trying to be Mr. Fancy Pants. Kirk, there’s so much truth in that. Most people fail to start because they’re afraid of failing. If I have the Jordans, I’m going to look like I’m successful. I’m going to look like I got it together. I’m going to work until I die but I’m going to look good doing it. Yet you’ve taken that and you put that into action. You’ve taken those steps and rocking it. I’m going to be here on the third anniversary of this interview calling you up and saying, “Where are you at now?” I guarantee you, we’re going to have a conversation about 40 units.

For the third anniversary, I might have three planes.

I’m going to call you out. I bet you that months from now, you’ve got those 40 units. Your mindset is expanding to where you’re beyond where you thought you would be at the end of your career and this has happened in the course of a few months. After three years of hard work and preparation, in seven months, you’re where you’re at, this is going to go fast. Taking 2 and doing 4 is easy because

Comparison is a stealer of joy.

you’re going to be able to do it because it’s a repeat. It’s the second time. You’re going to do two choose to force. You’re going to do it both at the same time. Kirk, the awesome part of your story is you’re writing it. Nobody else is writing it. You’ve recognized that and you’ve said, “I can write my own story.” For all the people in the audience that didn’t catch it, Kirk is here to tell you that he is a regular person, an unusual regular person, that is putting into action the things that he’s learned and has changed his life. You are amazing.

Shannon, that’s what it’s about. It sounds simple but that’s exactly what it is. You have to put into action what you’re learning. As cliché as it sounds, it is that simple. Get around the right people. Don’t get around doors. I went to jail. I’ve never said this either but I’ve gotten shot as well on the street. There’s a bullet still inside of me right about my butt crack. It’s shining. An inch up and I could have been paralyzed. I went there and did the whole thing, Shannon. At the end of the day, you can change the directory of your life. You can do the things that you need to and stop blaming society for trying to hold you back and saying, “The Internet has broken all the color barriers.” Gary Vaynerchuk said that and I didn’t understand what he was saying at the time.

Shannon, let’s say you order something from Amazon. You don’t know if that person’s Indian, black, white, purple, green, or grey. You know that you ordered something and it got delivered to your house. The internet broke that race barrier. Sometimes visually, like what you’re doing, you see who the person is. If you don’t choose to interact with a person, you don’t. The internet has broken that and I honestly believe that. When he said it the first time, I never understood. I was in the business world, too. I never mentioned that on the app.

This is the thing, the more you know about Kirk, the more you start to unwind and start to understand the story that the struggle and hard work are real. Kirk is going to be one of the guys that are going to be titled in an overnight success that took more than 22 years to make. Been there done that, from the street life to the good life, based on hard work and application of what he knows and what he’s learned. Also, hanging around with smarter people than himself in the areas that he wants to be successful in. The reason I say smarter than himself is that they’ve been there and they’ve done that and they know the roadmap. That’s the only difference.

I can guarantee you this. If you put Kirk and me in a plumbing contest, I’m going to get waxed. I am going to lose that battle. That’s the awesome power of the internet and the apps that we’re able to interact with. Look at that. On the flip side of that, you could have spent your time in Farmville. You could have spent your time playing chess or cruising the news. You spent your time enriching your life, learning more about things, and learning the things that you needed to do to make your life better. Kirk, my hat is off to you. I am excited to watch your journey. I’m excited to meet you for the first time in person. Are you going to be in Atlanta?


Clubhouse Live 2.0.

You look handsome over the computer but you might be more handsome in person.

This is as good as it gets right here. This is it. I got all my filters turned on. A lot of you don’t get the jokes but I would encourage you to check out Clubhouse and to continue to expand your mind. Like Kirk says, there’s always more you can learn and there’s always more you can do. Kirk, if people want to reach out to you, where can they reach you in the wide world of the internet?

I’m on Instagram, @KBarnes3211. I’m also in Clubhouse. Join the Clubhouse. If you guys don’t have Clubhouse, you guys are missing out on a lot. It bridges many gaps. You get to tap into somebody like Shannon Robnett. Shannon is doing the due. You’re missing out. You have to get on the Clubhouse app. What I love about Clubhouse is it’s not a regular podcast. On a podcast, it’s Shannon and I interacting. On Clubhouse, you can go up there and ask Shannon a question. You can ask me the question directly. What I love with Shannon and what everyone else does on these apps as well is you’re able to speak to them. You’re able to get their point of view. You’re able to tap into them and they will answer you. Shannon, that’s what changed my life. At the end of January 2021 to now, it’s a game-changer.

It’s real, for sure. Thanks for reading this episode of The Real Estate Rundown. Kirk Barnes was my guest. If you liked this, follow us on the podcast or YouTube. We want to thank Kirk once again for showing up, giving us some knowledge, and being a part of the show. I appreciate you so much. I look forward to continuing the conversations on a daily with you.

Thank you, Shannon. I apprecilove you.

Thank you.

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