Real Estate Syndicator and Investment Strategist

Shannon invests with integrity, passion, and excellence to bring wealth and economic freedom to his clientele.

Are you an investor eager to grow your wealth passively and experience economic freedom? Real Estate Syndicator and Investment Strategist Shannon Robnett is here to help you invest with integrity, passion, and excellence to reach your financial goals.

Based in Idaho, Shannon has been in the real estate industry for over 40 years. He has been involved from start to finish on over $250MM in construction projects. This work spans multifamily, professional office buildings, City halls, fire and police stations, schools, industrial and mini storage. Few in this industry are more dedicated to delivering numerous passive income streams to their syndicate partners.

When he started his investment journey, Shannon’s goal was to operate a company built on a core set of values that enhances financial stability for himself and his clients. Now, he heads Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI), which creates a second-to-none investor experience that treats clients like family. For more than 35 years, they have built a strong reputation as a leading commercial real estate investment group with multi-family properties in the Treasure Valley. Their family of subsidiaries is a substantial earner in and around Boise.

From the ground up, his team assembles passive investors through syndication to purchase land developed through subsidiaries. Through a proven model, their investments consistently generate higher rates of return in less time than other types of property investment groups. This results in considerable passive income streams for syndicate partners.

His daily podcast Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down features real people discussing trends, analysis, processes, challenges, management, and successes of investment-grade real estate. Episodes cover the industry from A to Z to help listeners feel more comfortable investing. He discloses how he picks projects, shares what real estate tool he can’t live without and offers up the main takeaways from his biggest real estate mistake.

Listen in to hear Shannon’s best tips on taking risks, creating trust, and finding balance in your personal and professional life. He shares the behind-the-scenes on how he works with the city government and residents to determine the right product to develop, and how development makes sense when we are expecting little to no rent growth. Discover the benefit of vertically integrated operations, the keys to evaluating the marketplace, and what will happen when the growth boom eventually slows. Receive insights on how having a reputable and experienced team mitigates most ground-up risks and why thought leadership is about being a teacher and student.

“I’ve been looking to invest in Boise for the past year. When I first met Shannon, he explained from A to Z about his opportunities and answered all my questions to make me feel comfortable investing. I also took the time to fly out to Boise to meet everyone. Shannon and his team at SRI are amazing to work with. I highly recommend them because they treat me like family.”

— Alex C., Vertical Equity



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“I was the first person to invest with Shannon and his team from my original group of coworkers. Based on the results of my initial investment, all my fellow ex-coworkers are investing with Shannon and his team and are looking forward to reaping the rewards of all Shannon’s team’s knowledge and hard work. I find Shannon and his team to be very responsive and I really appreciate their quick responses to the questions that I have for them. I also believe that they have a very thorough understanding of the Idaho market and have put that vast knowledge to work to purchase prime opportunities to help maximize profits for their investors. I like the fact that since it is a smaller company, it is able to make quick decisions on opportunities and choose the opportunities with the greatest potential payouts. SRI and Vertical Equity has won the trust and respect of me and my ex-coworkers and we look forward to investing with Vertical Equity in future opportunities.”

— Robert C., Vertical Equity

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