Rod Khleif: The Right Mindset For Real Estate

It’s important to be as clear as possible about what you want and why you want something. With the right mindset, you could achieve your goals and dreams. Rod Khleif and I talk about why the new rule of real estate investing is to focus on cash flow, not value. If you’re buying real estate to hold, you should consider buying a multifamily. Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist passionate about real estate, business, and giving back. We will discuss the first thing an aspiring real estate investor should focus on when considering real estate, how to push through fear and take massive action and why your psychology is more important than technical knowledge in real estate.

If you are looking to learn more about why the right mindset is so key in this business and take that first step, don’t give up, even when you encounter major setbacks as Rod has. Want to learn about how to immediately propel yourselves into massive action? Rod has all the information you need to get there; you’re going to want to tune in and hear what Chris says on this next episode of The Real Estate Rundown.

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Rod Khleif: The Right Mindset For Real Estate

You guys are not going to want to miss this next episode because I have got the Rod Khleif on my show. You are going to know from a guy who was an immigrant and went from rags to riches, to rags again and then back to riches. You are going to know how he took control of that with his mindset, how that has made the biggest difference in his game and how he has been able to utilize that to go back to where he was and exceed what he ever had before.

You guys are in for a treat because we have none other than Rod Khleif on my show. Rod, how are you?

Don’t limit yourself because there is truly nothing you can’t do.

I’m awesome, Shannon. Thanks for having me on. Let’s have some fun.

You are in a beautiful part of the world. Where are you?

I’m in Sarasota, Florida. I’m blessed to live here. I could be a poster child for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. I love it so much.

I know that you come from a very humble beginning. From a background that most people don’t have to start at, you were able to build quite the empire. You have had some financial difficulties with the downturn in the market in ’08 but instead of me trying to tell people that, tell us your story and let people relate to who you are and where you came from.

I immigrated from the Netherlands, Holland, wooden shoes, windmills when I was six years old with my brother Albert and my mother Svantia. We ended up in Denver, Colorado and we didn’t have much. I remember we ate expired food. With our cereal in the morning, we had powdered milk instead of regular milk because it was less money. I wore clothes from the Goodwill and The Salvation Army through junior high school until I lied about my age at Burger King. When I was fourteen, I’ve got a job there so I can buy my clothes. We struggled. I’m sure that you’ve got audiences that have struggled harder than we did or maybe struggled harder now with all the upset with COVID but I knew I wanted more.

Luckily, my mom had an incredible work ethic. She would babysit kids so we would have enough money to eat. She was a bit of an entrepreneur. With her babysitting money, she invested in the stock market and made money but she also got into real estate. She bought the house across the street from us when I was fourteen for about $30,000. When I was seventeen, she told me she had made $20,000 in her sleep. I was like, “What? You didn’t do anything? You made $20,000. Screw college. I’m getting into real estate.” I went out and got my real estate license right when I turned eighteen, which back then you could do with education. Now, they’ve got smart and you need some experience. I became a realtor and I was going to be rich selling other people’s houses.


Right Mindset: Setting goals is important because they will motivate you to move forward and achieve what you want in life. You need them because they are your fuel.

In my first year in real estate, I made about $8,000 to $10,000. My second year, maybe $10,000 to $12,000. In my third year, I made over $100,000. What happened between year 2 and year 3 that caused me to 10X my income? What happened was I met a guy that taught me about mindset and how truly your mindset is 80% to 90% of your success in anything. The vehicle doesn’t matter. It can be real estate, entrepreneurship or business. It’s the least important piece of it. You have to take action with what you learn. Fast forward, I have owned a couple of thousand houses that I have rented long-term. I have owned thousands of apartment units.

In 2006, my net worth went up to $17 million while I slept. If you want to do the math on that, it’s $8,300 an hour and I did. I thought I was a real estate God. My head got so big. I could barely fit it through a door. When that happens, sometimes God or the universe will give you a nice, little smackdown. That was 2008. I lost that $17 million a lot more. I lost everything.

I lost $50 million in 2008. One of the things that I talk about on my podcast and training seminars is the mindset it took to have $50 million to lose in the first place, the strategies that I used and then the mindset it took to get back from losing it. There were people that killed themselves both in the Great Depression and in ’08 over losing proportionally the same amount of money or even less in some cases. I’m happy to drill down on that a little bit if you like.

This is the fantastic thing about this country we call home America where you can come in as a six-year-old immigrant. Your mother can come in and create something. It has got its problems. We definitely aren’t perfect because it’s run by humans but the reality is we have freedoms and opportunities here that a lot of people forget that we have. They get confused with the fact that the freedom that we have allows you to say what you want to say but it also allows me to do what I want to do.

There’s a real entitled mentality going around as well.

Without getting into the politics of it at all, which I would love to do, don’t encourage me. It’s too easy. The reality is, you have the right to work, experience, grow and build. Those mistakes cost. You made mistakes in ’08 that costs. When you are falling out of the crow’s nest and going from being able to see past the horizon to slamming into the deck of the ship, what is the thought process going through your mind as you bring yourself up and you’ve got to do it again?

I fell through the hull, ended up at the bottom of the ocean and then I went through the deck. It sucked. Let’s be honest, it was no fun. I thought I was set for life. I thought $80 million Baby Boomers are getting old and cold, and Florida was recession-proof. I think now it could be as with everything that’s happening, both politically and environmentally. Florida is going crazy. I hit under a rock for a few months. Luckily, I was in an environment of people that were thriving. I was in mastermind at that time. It was Tony Robbins’ Mastermind, his Platinum Partnership. I was around people that were kicking butt through all that. They were like, “Quit whining. Get off your butt so what? You lost some money. Get up and make things happen.”

Learners are earners.

One of the critical pieces in all this is your peer group. You know you have heard it before, “Who you hang out with is who you become, not just financially but both your health and happiness. You show me your three closest friends and I will show you who you are.” It’s important that you hang out with the right crowd. I created my own mastermind with sixteen guys here at my compound in Florida and about $1 billion in assets represented because I want to be around people that think what I think is hard is easy, too. I want to be around, “Rising tide lifts all ships.” I started this thing called the Multifamily Boardroom. There’s about $14 billion in assets in there. It has grown into the largest mastermind for multifamily on the planet.

I did it for myself. I have been in masterminds my entire life because I want to be around the right peer group. That was one of the things that helped me back then. The big thing that helped me was re-associating with what I wanted and why I wanted it. At my bootcamp, I used to do them live. It’s supposed to have 800 people in Orlando. I was freaking out because I was like, “Half of the tickets are already sold. What am I going to do?” If you go to, you will see my happy ass on my phone doing my video to go live stream. Luckily, it was a success. We have had thousands of people come to my live stream bootcamps.

One of the first things I do there is a goal-setting workshop. I call it Goal Setting on Steroids. I’m happy to describe it. It takes 5 or 6 minutes to describe it. It’s one of the first things I do because how the heck are you going to get anything if you don’t know what it is with clarity? Clarity is power. You need to know what you want and frankly, as importantly or maybe even more importantly, why you want it. If you want me to drill down on that, I can.

I want you to realize the passion that Rod has got when he talks about goal-setting. If you are not picking this up, you’ve got to be dead. He talked about his upbringing. Now, he is talking about goal-setting and understanding why. He talked about falling through the hull of a ship to the bottom of the ocean. He is super passionate about goal-setting. You’ve got to tell us what it is about goal-setting and what you do that makes it so powerful?

What you focus on grows larger, both positive or negative. If you are focused on the news, CNN or whatever, you are going to be negative because that’s what sells. They are not there to inform you. They are there to startle you. If you are listening to Shannon, you are a leader. There’s no question. You wouldn’t be here if you are not a leader. The world more than ever needs leaders. To be a leader, you have to manage your focus. It’s critical more than ever. Pay attention to that, stand guard in your mind and don’t bring in the crap. Bring in the good stuff.

On my podcast, I do a little clip every week called Own Your Power. I have done hundreds of them. They are motivational and five minutes. If you want to get juiced, check them out. Lifetime CashFlow is the name of my podcast. Usually, if you put in real estate on your iPhone, I come in number 1 or 2. The point is, I don’t care if it’s not me but go on YouTube and bring in the motivational stuff. Pay attention to that now because you are a leader. You’ve got to know what you want. When I was losing everything, it would have been easy to focus on the pain of that and I did for a while. It was dangerous. It’s as if it becomes your story where that’s how you identify yourself. You’ve got to pay attention to the things that you put the words “I am” in front of.

I’ve got these I am statements. You could say, “I’m a success. I’m the best in the world at what I do. I’m a business genius.” Not being braggadocious but because there’s no greater force in human psychology than the need to remain consistent with how we identify ourselves, you’ve got to be very careful you don’t associate with a negative story. I incant those statements all the time when I’m exercising and running because it’s so powerful.

As far as goal-setting, you’ve got to know what you want and why you want it. Why? It’s because when you write your goals down, it triggers something in your brain called your reticular activating system. It’s that subconscious filter. You are not even aware of it. That points you in the direction your brain thinks you are interested in.

The greatest example is when you first buy a car. You never noticed them that much but then you buy them and you see them everywhere. That’s your reticular activating system working and the same thing with goals. Let me describe the process. I did this on January 2, 2021, on my Rod Khleif Official Facebook Page with music and a free guide. You can download and everything. It’s about an hour and a twenty-minute process. Let me describe it if you don’t want to do that.


Right Mindset: You must celebrate whatever progress you have on your path because happiness comes from progress and growth.

You pick an hour when you have a lot of energy. Sit down and write down everything you could ever possibly want in life. All the stuff, houses, cars, boats, jet skis, planes but the important thing is, take the lid off your brain. Imagine if you write it down, you are going to get it. If you want a yacht, private island or jet, don’t limit yourself because there is truly nothing you can’t do, be or have.

Look at Elon Musk, $3 billion startups. Don’t tell me you can’t make something happen. You can. There’s that. Write down everything you can think of. Also, write down all the things you want to do, not just the stuff. Maybe you want to write a book and all the places you want to go to as well. I’ve got a travel vision board behind my green screen. Write down all those places.

Maybe you want to climb every mountain over 14,000 feet or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I did that and I will never do it again. Whatever you want to do, write it down. Also, write down if there’s a skillset you want to learn. If you want to learn multifamily real estate, come spend a couple of days with me. I will give your readers a code. You can come for $100 and I don’t even sell anything there. It’s eighteen hours of training for $97 if you are interested in this business.

Lastly, you want to write down who you want to help. We will do more for others than we will do for ourselves. That’s the fuel. The goals are important. At the end of this process, I will explain why they are not the most important but you need them to push you, pull you and keep you focused on what you want, not what you don’t want. Once you can’t think of another thing, I want you to put down how many years you think it’s going to take you to achieve each goal.

For those of you who are analytical, don’t stop and analyze your answers to this. Keep writing as you are writing the goals and don’t overanalyze how long it’s going to take. Guess at it and throw a number down there, 1, 3, 5, even 10 or 20. It’s human nature to overestimate what we can do in a year and massively underestimate what we can do in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Let me pre-frame this. I’m going to give you some examples and this is not me bragging. I’m just hoping to inspire you if you are reading this. When I was eighteen, I knew I wanted to live on the beach. There’s no beach in Denver but I would visualize the palm trees, sand and surf. Twenty years later, I ended up building this $8 million, 10,000-square foot house on the beach, which was frankly unthinkable when I was eighteen. The point I’m making here is don’t limit yourself.

Put a number by each goal and then I want you to pick your number one goal. That goal when you get it, you are like, “This is incredible. You have arrived.” Put it on another piece of paper and then pick your top three one-year goals. You’ve got four goals. Put your number one goal and top three one-year goals on a separate sheet of paper and leave room in between them.

At this point, you are ahead of 99% of the people on the planet that do a New Year’s resolution that’s forgotten by February but there are a couple of more quick steps. The goals are important. You need them. They are going to push, pull and propel you but why they are a must is the real fuel. You need to write down why you have to achieve each one of those goals and use emotionally charged words. Words are very powerful and you want to utilize them. Words like amazing, beautiful, incredible and words that are going to juice you. You might say, “I can show my kids what incredible success looks like. I can show my wife what it means to live a life of amazing abundance.” Use emotionally charged words so we can have the freedom to do whatever, whenever, wherever and bring whoever we want.

Once you’ve got a positive reason why it’s a must, add a little second piece here. Put some pain in there if you don’t achieve the goal and make it hurt so I don’t feel like a failure, fail my kids, husband or wife and live a life of regret. Many people fear failure. Fear of regret is a lot worse. There was this hospice nurse in Australia named Bronnie Ware. She took care of patients at the end of their lives. She asked them a question and the question was, “Do you have any regrets?” She even wrote a book about it called The Top Five Regrets of the DyingThe number one regret was, “Not living the life I could have lived, living someone else’s life and not doing what I know what I’m capable of.” I can’t think of anything worse than that.

Many people fear failure. But to grow, you must try things if you don’t want to regret them later on.

Don’t fear failure. We fail our way to success. I don’t call them failures. I call them seminars because it’s only a failure if you don’t get back up and you don’t get the lesson. I have built 24 businesses. Several of them were tens of millions of dollars. Most have been spectacular flaming seminars. We bring our knowledge to the next thing. That’s how I was able to recover from losing $50 million by focusing on what I wanted and why I wanted it and re-associating with that. I brought my knowledge base to the game so it was much faster the second time around. The last piece and then I will land the plane here is you must get pictures of your goals and put them around you. This may sound a little foofy but I will show you something here that proves this to me at least or make declarations.

I will give you some public examples of this. Jim Carrey is a great example. When he was nobody, he wrote himself a check for $10 million. He used to go up by the Hollywood sign and would look at it. If you google it, you will see this. In fact, he buried it with his father who believed in his dream when he died. That’s how much money he made for Dumb and Dumber. I will give a more recent example, Demi Lovato. When she was unknown, she posted on social media, “One day, I’m going to sing in the Super Bowl.” Not this last one. Go watch the one before. She was singing the National Anthem.

I will give you some personal examples. Back when I was eighteen, I figured I had to have a four-door car to show houses because I was going to be a realtor. I’ve got this bone-ugly Ford Granada. It had a bench seat in the front. It’s a piece of crap. I worked with a guy that had a couple of Corvettes and he let me drive one. I drove it and I was like, “This is amazing.” This is way before the internet. I’ve got a picture out of a magazine of a Corvette. I put it on the visor. I have sat in the car. It was right there in my face. Within a year or two, I had a Corvette. I will give you a couple of more examples. Again, I’m not bragging. I just want to inspire you. The things I’m going to share now don’t even interest me.

This was back when the TV Show Magnum PI was out. The actor’s name was Tom Selleck. He was a detective in Hawaii. It was the first time I have seen an exotic car. He drove this Ferrari 308. I thought that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I’ve got a picture of that actual car and put it on the visor of my Corvette. Within a year or two, I had a Maserati. It looked just like it.

The last example, I’m the guy who always wanted a Lamborghini. Once I saw them, I’ve got posters and everything else. What’s interesting is my son collected models of exotic cars. When he was nine years old, he had about 30 of them. He had a model of the exact same color and style Lambo that I ended up getting, which I ultimately wrecked. We don’t need to get into that.

I’m a dinosaur. I use a paper planner. In the back of this thing, I’ve got pictures that have been in here for 21 years. The first pictures are my gratitude pictures. They were pictures of my kids when they were young. These are really old pictures. Everything starts from a place of gratitude, to manifest anything you want in life comes through gratitude. I’ve got pictures of the things that I’m grateful for and then I’ve got the stuff that I wanted. What’s crazy is this house on top looks like that house on the beach that I had, which I lost in all the craziness that has the glass like that 10-foot-high glass travertine floors.

What’s even crazier is these bottom pictures that have that white wall in them, that’s my backyard. These were all before I ever had any of this stuff. I’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars for the watches. Lambo, before I’ve ever got it, the Rolls-Royce, Bentley and all this stuff that I’ve got. At one time, I thought it was important but I’ve got it because I had pictures. Go out there, get the pictures and put them around you. That’s how you manifest this stuff. Even if they just get in your peripheral, your brain sees them. I will get off my soapbox. Thanks for letting me rant there.

I want to thank you for that because as someone that also went through ’08 and that got crushed in ’08, I remember all of those things and how important it was when we’ve got them. We learned in ’08 how unimportant a lot of that stuff was. We learned what was important. It was our kids, family and health. It was those things that couldn’t be replaced by dollars and cents. Once we came through that, we knew that it was with the power of our mind and belief in ourselves and the system that we had that we knew we could rebuild.

You’ve got to realize your only job security is between your ears. My dad worked for Continental Airlines for 36 years. They had the gold tails on the planes. If we saw one, we had to put our hands over our hearts. No kidding. It wasn’t funny. He loved that company and got laid off after 36 years. Don’t fear failure. Fear regret. I’ve got to meet the billionaire owner of SPANX, Sara Blakely, who started with $5,000. Now, she is worth billions. She is a beautiful human being. I was talking about masterminds. I met her at a mastermind that I belong to. She told me that her dad used to ask her and her brother once a week, “What have you failed at this week?” Is that an awesome question to ask your kids so they don’t fear failure? I wish I had known that back then.

It really is because we associated that. Even growing up as a son of a builder and realtor, I knew that failure was a failure. Failure was not a good thing. My dad told me when I was a kid that he had one of his best friends growing up who made it to the Major Leagues and played Major League ball. He said, “Son, if you strike out 6 out of 10 times, you will make millions of dollars in Major League ball. If you do that in business, you will be called a loser and a bum but you’ve got to get up to bat and take your swing.” How real is that with your life?

I have had 24 businesses. Most of them have failed. You just called me a loser.

You’ve got back up.

That’s the point. It’s only a failure if you don’t get back up. People fear that but setbacks are feedback. Setbacks are the only way we grow, learn and become more. If you are interested in multifamily, text Rod Live to 72345 and remember this code, RODFRIEND. You can come for $97. It’s eighteen hours of training and I won’t sell anything. I have never had a complaint except that the breaks are too short because I packed 3 days into 2. I was doing a three-day.


Right Mindset: We will do more for others than we’ll do for ourselves. That’s the fuel.

You have had business failures repeatedly. The reality is, you keep getting back up. The only difference between you and the guy that stays down is the fact that you are not statistically different than any other small business owner out there. Most small businesses do not succeed. It’s the owners that do or don’t succeed. You see those owners pop up again in another business, venture or opportunity. It’s the ones that don’t pop up that go back to the job and go, “I can never be this.” Those are the ones that fail permanently.

They live that life of regret at the end of their lives that we described, which to me is horrible. If you are willing to grind for a few years like most people won’t, you will live the rest of your life like most people can’t. It’s such a critical piece of this. Let me say one other thing before I forget as it relates to goals. I live in a compound now. I told you I lost that house. I have six buildings here. I’ve got a big main house and a two-bedroom guest house where my daughter is staying. I turned one of the buildings into a video studio. There’s a big exercise facility. It’s spectacular. It’s like a park but because God has got a sense of humor, my old house is literally right across the bay behind me here. It’s hilarious.

Let me say one thing. I want to talk about that old house. I worked for that thing for twenty years. Two months after I moved in, I was floating in the pool at night and the pool was changing. Let me describe the house. It’s 10,000 square feet. It has a wine cellar, elevator and 80 feet of glass that’s 10-feet high, all but together like you are living on the bay. I had the beach on one side and the bay on the backside. I can land the plane with this. There was a spiral staircase up through the middle. On the second floor, I had aquariums wrapped around the staircase. It cost me almost $200,000. That gives you an idea of the house.

Two months after I moved in, I was floating in the pool and looking up at this testament to my ego, which is what it was. I built it to prove to the world that I was good enough. That’s the reality of it. I was looking up at this thing and got depressed. I don’t mean just a little bummed. I was really bummed like, “What the hell is going on? I have achieved success like times a thousand.” Several things were going on. I want to share this because one of them ties into goals. That is, “You don’t want to achieve a big goal without having other goals lined up behind it.” Like The Good Book says, “You need a vision for the future. Without a vision, the people perish.” I didn’t know what I was going to do next. That was number one.

Number two, it’s never about the goals. You’ve got to have them. You need them to push, pull and propel you but it’s about growth, progress and who you become on your path to the goals. Happiness doesn’t come from goals. They say, “The happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell the boat.” It’s about you growing and progressing. It’s so critical that you celebrate whatever progress you have on your path because happiness comes from progress and growth. The big thing was, I had been focused on myself like, “Rod, show the world I’m good enough and I matter.” That’s the year I went and bought some books. One of them was Tony Robbins’ books. I bought Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar and all these motivational people.

I bought one of Tony’s books. I once saw him live. Let me shout out. If you have never seen him live, do it. He is doing a live stream. I don’t get anything for saying that. He is just that good. I saw that he fed families for the holidays and I was like, “What a concept. Do something for someone else.” I’m embarrassed to say I had to be 40 to get that memo. I went back. I called my brother and said, “Let’s feed five families.” I flew to Denver. It was for Thanksgiving to come and see my family in Denver. We went to his church and found out who needed help. We said, “Who could use some help? We are going to feed five families.” They gave us five names and the third one changed my life.

We went up to this crappy row house. It wasn’t even a one-bedroom. It was a crappy one-bedroom. We had to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen. There was a lady there with five kids. She came out and we had bought toys for the kids, frozen turkey and boxes of food. When she saw all these, she started crying. Her kids came out. The older ones started crying. I started crying and I was hooked. I’m blessed to say, over the years, we have fed 100,000 plus kids here in this area of Florida.

We have done tens of thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies for local kids. It’s astounding to me we live in the greatest country on Earth and kids don’t even have basic school supplies if parents can’t afford them. We have done tens of thousands of teddy bears to local police departments to put in their vehicles when they encounter a child that has been traumatized.

Focus on what you want and why you want it.

I don’t say this to brag again. There’s a real reason I’m saying this. That is, we have been taught to achieve to be happy. I had done that, thinking that that achievement would make me happy. When you give back, you are happily achieving. I know that’s a play on words but it’s an important play on words. I was successful. Tony Robbins calls it the Science of Achievement versus the Art of Fulfillment. I wasn’t fulfilled and that’s what got me fulfilled. I’ve got the largest commercial real estate podcast in the world. We broke eleven million downloads. I have interviewed some of the most successful players on the planet, billionaires. I can tell if they were like I was back then. Some of them are good at hiding it if they are still focused on themselves and I feel sad for them.

Here’s the lesson for those of you reading. Even if you’ve got blood dripping from your teeth and you know you want this and you are saying, “When I have the money, I will give back,” it’s a big mistake. Do it now. I don’t care if you give up your time. Pick something you are passionate about, kids, animals, the elderly or the environment. Whatever is going to juice you, if you do something there, do something there and you will be fulfilled. Not only will you be fulfilled and happy but you will get to success faster. You don’t do it for that reason but it’s just the way God or the universe works. It comes back to you tenfold or a hundredfold. Thanks for letting me rant on that too, because it’s so important.

It’s your passion and I have always known that. My story is similar to yours in the fact that I was 30 years old and I had achieved the goals I had set for myself in high school. I’m sitting there looking at it. I didn’t get majorly depressed but I’m sitting there going, “Now what?” That’s the funny thing about human nature. If you don’t set your goals big enough when you get there, you will get to your goals if you set them. If you don’t set them big enough, you are sitting there scratching your head going, “What’s next?”

You don’t keep setting them. There’s no end to this. It’s not like, “I’m done.” You’ve got to keep going. I’ve got pretty expansive goals now. I used to have above my bed, “$100,000 a month.” There’s an extra zero on there. My wife hates it because it’s right there in our bedroom but it works. That’s why it’s there. You’ve got to continually bring those goals in. That’s the point I was making. For those of you reading, every dime in my foundation goes to that stuff. I don’t usually plug it. I’m going to plug it in because we are a little short in 2021. I cover the operational expenses and then some. If you want to help, text Tiny Hands to 72345. $22 feeds a family. If you are interested in my bootcamp, text Rod Live at 72345. I love to teach you this business if you are interested.

That’s the thing also that I see that you are doing is you are giving back with your education. You paid for it. You spent $50 million on your education.

It was more than that. That was just what I lost. I never went to college. I have this picture with all the lanyards of the bootcamps that I went to around my neck and on my arms because learners are earners. We are continually learning and growing. I go to bootcamps and events every year and have for decades.

It’s how you become the person that’s giving back, hosting and doing a lot of those events. It’s not out of ego. I understand that. You don’t need to give me $7. It’s to have somebody put something in the game that says, “I commit to doing this. I’m going to not only give the time but I’m also going to put a financial price on it and then get something out of it.” The reality is, you are not getting complaints because of the passion you are coming through in this interview.

I do it because I love it. There are some of the hundreds of thank you cards that I have been teaching. I’m sure you get that kind of love as well. Whenever you give value like this, you get that kind of love. Please let me pre-frame what I’m going to say next. It’s not ego. I literally get love every single day. Usually, 10 to 15 times a day, I get gifts, DMs, emails and cards. I’m addicted to the positive love that I’m getting, honestly, which is why my wife puts up with it.

It’s more of that ego how quickly you can change your mindset when you are getting the positive that you are putting out returned to you and how if you start putting out the negative, the negative is all you see and how quickly that changed it.


Right Mindset: It would be best to write down your goals and why you have to achieve them. Words are powerful, and you want to utilize the use of incredible words.

They ask Mother Teresa if she was anti-war because what you focus on gets bigger, positive or negative. She said, “I’m not anti-war. I’m pro-peace.”

That’s the reality. As a pilot, one of the things that we always use as a phrase in training is, “Your attitude affects your altitude.” If you are focused on the ground, you are headed for it. If you are focused on your shoes, you are going to find the floor but if you are focused on the skies, you are always going to have somewhere to go and reach the top of where you are at.

That’s a life analogy right there.

I super appreciate your time and love your passion. Real estate can become an addictive game. It is fun.

I love it, too. That’s another thing. If you don’t love what you are doing or the vehicle that you have chosen, you can learn to love it and associate pleasure with it because you can associate pleasure and learn to love anything. If you are unsuccessful at that, go do something else. Life is too short.

At the end of the day, you gave us that book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. I’m sure none of them said, “More time at the office,” we know that. Rod, I want to thank you for being with us. You have given us a couple of codes.

If you are interested in this business, my website is Real Estate with Rod. It’s actually, but nobody can spell my name. If you go to Real Estate with Rod, you will find it. If you want to learn multifamily, I do these two-day virtual bootcamps, they are under $150. I gave you a code RODFRIEND to take 50% off whatever the price level is. If you text Rod Live to 72345, you will get the information on that. I don’t sell anything there. It’s eighteen hours of training.

People are like, “You are going to sell something.” No, I don’t. It’s that whole axiom, “What you give, you get back.” I have a coaching program. You can expand into that if you want. I have been teaching for years. My students have over 45,000 doors, which I’m super proud of. I’ve got my Tiny Hands Foundation. If you want to donate, I would be grateful. I cover all the operational expenses and then some. That’s Tiny Hands to 72345. You will find me if you want me.

Thank you, Rod, for being with us. I appreciate your time.

Thank you guys for reading. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the show on 
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Thanks for having me, Shannon. I appreciate it. It was a lot of fun.

I appreciate it. We will talk to you soon, hopefully, on this show again.

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