Tax Free Cash Flow with Parker Pursell

Our speaker, Parker Pursell, National Director for Sales Partnerships for the eQRP Co., will teach us all about eQRPs and the alternative ways to invest your retirement account.

eQRP® is the ultimate investor tool for tax deferred and tax-free investing.

Learn how you can rollover your 401(k), IRA, SDIRA, 403b, 457, TSP and Solo 401(k)s into your eQRP® account.

Tax Free Cash Flow with Alvin Hope Johnson

Do well while doing good by investing in non-profit organizations.

Putting your hard-earned dollars towards a non-profit organization can be a win-win for those of you looking to make a social impact (and a profit) with your investment— as well as the significant tax benefits that come with it.

Learn about the tax advantages of investing in a charitable non-profit organization

The Future of Tokenized Real Estate Webinar

As a Real Estate Developer & Syndicator for almost 30 years, I’ve made the observation that real estate is not a quick investment. It’s a slow, steady growth that brings in return but don’t expect ground-breaking innovation…

That was until Blockchain and Tokenization came along.

Learn about the fast-moving developments happening with Blockchain Technology and the impact this can have in the syndication space

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