Commercial Property Management Company in Boise, ID
EMS Property Management

As a subsidiary of Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI), EMS Property Management works with our sister companies, My Vertical Equity and Phoenix Commercial Construction to complete the vertical integration chain for real estate investments.
We provide property management services at newly-constructed property developments as soon as units become available for lease. By leasing apartments as quickly as possible, EMS Property Management helps make SRI syndication investments profitable quickly as well. 
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Advantages of Professional Property Managers

EMS Property Management is a key member of the SRI real estate investment group. Building multi-family apartment complexes is a process that takes several stages to complete. One of the easiest ways to provide investors with some revenue quickly is to have some buildings completed and ready to lease while the rest remain in progress.
Having buildings to rent, however, means having buildings to manage and maintain. Apartment management companies like EMS, especially if they employ on-site property managers, provide expertise that the real estate investors or commercial construction companies just don’t have. EMS Property Management can:
  • Show units to potential renters.
  • Conduct routine accounting of rental units available, filled, and rent paid.
  • Screen potential tenants to protect your investment.
  • Collect rent and any past-due balances.
  • Act as a contact for tenant/construction interface during completion.
  • Respond to after-hours emergencies.

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The Treasure Valley is growing quickly.

Pursuing commercial real estate development is a big job with a big budget attached. Contact SRI to learn about how EMS Property Management can simplify your real estate syndication investment plan. We are well established to serve properties throughout the Treasure Valley by providing real estate management to generate revenues quickly and seamlessly.
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